Takizawa Kabuki Goods List

J-net has posted the goods list for the upcoming Takizawa Kabuki!!! They are early this time ne! ^^ And there are some really interesting new goods!

  • Pamphlet: 2,000yen
  • Clearfile: 500yen
  • Photo album: 1,000yen
  • Bookmark: 800yen
  • Shopping bag: 1,000yen
  • Poster: 800yen
  • Original photosets: 600yen each
  • Notebook: 1,500yen
  • Chopsticks: 2,000yen

4 Replies to “Takizawa Kabuki Goods List”

  1. I’m happy that there’s chopsticks! It’s so special! Though it is a bit expensive, I think it is worth buying!

  2. what is the website link to buy the goods?

  3. vivian~ the goods can only be bought at the theatre, i.e. nissay theatre on show days (from 4th april to 8th may).

  4. mich,will u be going? hehe.tht wil be my very 1st question.
    WOW, will love to own the bookmark, notebook and pamphlet of coz~

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