Takizawa Kakumei DVD Jackets!!

Avex has posted the pictures of the jackets… and kyaaa~~ they’re so pretty!! I love the design, simple and elegant! The red limited edition & the black regular edition! Once again it’s my favourite red-black-white color combi!!!! Ureshii~~XD

Takirev DVD Jacket A Takirev DVD Jacket B

The RE looks slightly thinner than the LE (coz of the digipak ba~)

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  1. I particularly like the red one. But they are both quite elegant. Several weeks still before we get to handle them…

    That wait must be one of the prices we pay before we are allowed into paradise: almost 14 months since that show!

  2. i like both. but i think the red one will look better in real? i dunno, i can’t wait for march!!! hehe… yeah, it’s a long wait~ but it’s ok la, we’ve waited even longer for One! and waited forever for those that didn’t make it to DVD lol~~ i doubt i’ll ever get to see “Mask”.

  3. The covers are very noble!~ And the black one gives me a mystery feel~ Ha~

  4. I had forgotten about Mask. And yet I am sure they have videos of it. They have video cameras on all the time for everything.

    Well, we have made comments before on Johnny and Avex failing to use material they have and that fans would love to buy and see. They need to go back to school and attend marketing 101. It isn’t just about selling several versions of a DVD or a CD…

  5. ohhhhhh ureshiiii~<3<3 Beautiful-looking dvd covers, esp. the red one. Sugee…can’t wait to get my copies now. lol (along w/the Takki keitai charms) What’s a digipak tho? Still don’t understand what this might be, as I’m unable to read kanji from the Avex site.

    Tono always has awesome taste when it comes to the dvd covers of his items. ^_^ But, that’s just Tono…*awesome!* (I’m biased…gomen…fufufu~)

  6. read about digipak here:

    an example would be the dream boy first press edition DVD.

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