Takki t-shirt, anyone?


I’m actually trying to reach fans in Singapore who might be interested in having t-shirts with the above design. This graphic is designed by Kulala from Taiwan. Some of you might be familiar with her artworks ^^ I’m only gathering interested fans to share the cost of the printing. The cost will depend on the number of people interested.

If you’re interested, or if you have any questions, please email me at web@takki.us.

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  1. Michelle,
    Ohisashiburi….gomen ne…I was so so busy at work, been awhile lost contact with you & others…demo, shinpai shinaide yo ima made my ichiban & love always is Takki haha. Though rarely been around in net world but I’ve always followed what’s going on in T&T fandom specially our Takki, never miss to buy official their products i.e. dvd cons, singles all vers (hiikss…now you know where all my money gone). I visited your website regularly though rarely got spare time to comment, but I really salut you for your dedication to Takki, good work Mich. I’m so glad that Takki have you as one of his dedicated fans.
    Hey, I’m very interested to have the T-shirt with the design above, honto kawaii ne….any particular size for the T-Shirt ? I want to buy 2 pcs for my own hehe, let me know what should I do & how much does it cost for the shirt. I still wanna talk to you a lot, specially for your T&T membership I still owed you that one, will email you soon ok. Mata….:)

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