Takki Tidbits

1) Seems like the day when Takki was guest at Matchy-san’s Valentine’s Day concert at the Budoukan was recorded for DVD. The price for the DVD is only 4,000yen, so it’s quite affordable (compared to the one last yr). So far, there are no images of Takki at this concert~ hope he’ll be on DVD :)

2) The food list for Takizawa Enbujo’09 has been set up at the official Shimbashi Enbujo website.

  • 滝こみごはん膳 Takikomigohan Meal – 3,500yen
  • 滝こみごはん弁当 Takikomigohan Bento (Western/Japanese) – 1,500yen
  • かに海鮮サラダそば Kani Seafood Salad Soba – 1,300yen
  • さくらもなかアイス Sakura Monaka Ice – 350yen

3) Takki might be in a CM for Takara Can Chu-Hi, released on 17th March. It’s said that the theme song for this CM is Takki’s 2nd solo single.

4) Takki will not be in the rumoured drama in April. It’s kind of a relief for some of us, as we’re worried at how he’s gonna manage a drama on top of all the things he’s currently doing – rehearsals for Enbujo, recording for single, filming PV for single, filming/editing/producing the short video for Enbujo, and his usual weekly radio show, magazine interviews and columns etc. Summer might be a better time for dramas. We hope he will finally appear in a normal-length drama this year. This is still on top of the wish list for most Takki fans.

5) In his mixi, a male eyewitness said that he saw Takki eating at a curry restaurant at the airport (16th March). At first, Takki was wearing a black face mask, so the eyewitness was not sure whether or not it was really him. (According to some, Takki also wore a similar black face mask when he went to watch Hina’s play in January). It seems like Takki was also very nice/polite and said “Arigatou gozaimashita” to one of the restaurant workers. Even though it might seem weird that Takki would go all the way to the airport just for curry… our Tono is known for going to (literally) extreme lengths for delicious food *lol* Anyways, another person on the BBS also wrote that according to an Enbujou staff member’s blog, there were no Enbujou rehearsals yesterday (15th March).

Takki Tidbits

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