Takki Tidbits

1) The first batch of Kabuki’s stage photos have been released~ Seems like you have to buy them in sets… as of right now, there are only 5 sets available at 600 yen each. Each set has 4 photos.

2) J-Net updated with a new T&T video. Go check it out~

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  1. I’m just wondering something, because I see announce in J-web,
    they said that they release new 15 set of stage photo of Takizawa Kabuki 2011.
    Its mean they have new 15 set or 5 set of Takizawa kabuki photo stage?
    I just want to know because I want to buy it.
    So, I want to know How much is it?

  2. On J-Net, it says there are “15 types.” This means that they will probably release a total of 15 sets by senshuraku. But they don’t usually release all the sets at once. They usually release them in batches. And as of right now, they’ve only released the first batch (5 sets). Each set is 600 yen.

    Hope that makes sense… And if you want to buy all the sets, you might want to wait until all of them have been released.

  3. –” That’s right!!! Children’s day special. Ah~~~~ TT__TT
    If they have only 5 sets now, How can I buy the last set.

  4. Bonnie, I can’t find my way out of a paper bag without GPS. Would you please direct me to the video? I clicked on all kinds of things and couldn’t find it. Arigatou!

  5. Jiwelly~ we don’t know when the other batches will be released, but we’ll post about it in Takki Tidbits when it happens :)

    Lisa~ LOL! yea, its kinda hard to find cause its on the side and in small font… but here’s the link!

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