Takki Tidbits 2018.11.16 – “Kokou no Mesu”

3 Takki Tidbits today.

1) WOWOW Prime will air a special guide program called “滝沢秀明 最後の勇姿「連続ドラマW 孤高のメス」のすべて” on 22 Dec @ 4.30pm JPT. Repeat broadcast will be on 31 Dec @ 9pm JPT. This would be a preview of the drama, so we should be able to see some interview and behind-the-scenes footage.

2) Takki fans in Japan will have another chance to see the man live. The premiere & completion stage greeting for “Kokou no Mesu” will be held on 12 Dec (Wed) in Tokyo, and WOWOW is giving away 800 tickets. Deadline for ticket application is 5 Dec @ 9am JPT. During this event, they will be screening Episode 1 of the drama followed by the stage greeting. For us fans outside Japan, we are hoping for more media coverage. Hope to see footage or photos from the event =)

3) WOWOW twitter has shared this beautiful image of Toma-sensei =)

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