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Takki Tidbits

1) Today, Shalala was playing in the background during Rajikaru’s weather report.

2) Takki wasn’t on Channel-a yesterday, but he’ll be on next week’s episode. It’ll be about the the making of Shalala PV.

3) The Music Station blog mentioned Takki and his rehearsal / recording last Saturday. “Even though he had just finished a stage play, he did not seem tired at all and (rehearsed?) for an hour. Having spent the past five months standing on stage, “I still don’t feel like I’ve entered a new year yet.”

4) Takki just updated Takiren! He told fans about the solocon schedule~XD

Takki Tidbits

3 thoughts on “Takki Tidbits

  1. the solo con schedule does not seems like a tour
    what does takki mean “the happy thing just begins”?
    is there still any things we do not know now?

  2. mich,
    this schedule from Takki’s mail today



  3. thanks, kittyhello & sandy!

    i’m not sure if there’ll be more venues added. yea, it doesn’t look like a tour at all. but he seems really hyper posting that entry, ne! his “the best has yet to come/the fun has only just begun”~ XD hopefully it’s a drama or an album? or BOTH!! LOL i’m starting to dream already hehe…

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