Takki Tidbits

1) Shalala/Mugen no Hane took the Oricon#1 spot! Omedetou, Tono!! \(^-^)/

2) Both Avex and J-net has added the solocon schedule. According to Avex, the title of the concert is “滝様CONCERT ’09” (Takisama Concert ’09) and ticket prices are 7,000yen (FC) and 7,500 (ippan). Over at J-net, maybe it’s not the title, but the concert is referred to as “滝沢秀明 ソロ・コンサート 09 夏” (Takizawa Hideaki Solo.Concert 09 Summer).

3) Download links for Osama no Brunch and Tokuban have been added.

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  1. He did it! Although I had fervently hoped for higher figures, still, there is reason to be satisfied…

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