Takki Tidbits

1) As reported on the Orthros no Inu official site, there will be a premiere for the first episode of the drama held on 15th July, Wednesday, at 12pm. The venue is not yet disclosed, but TBS Entertainment members can apply to attend this event via their mobile phones.

2) In an interview with Yuukan Fuji, Tacchi (Tachi Hiroshi) said that he wants to co-act with Takki. Ever since watching the Kokuchisezu Preview, I’ve been dreaming of Takki & Tachi in an action movie! LOL!

3) Apart from the usual Duet, Potato & Wink Up, Takki is/will be in the following magazines too. They’re either on Orthros no Inu, or Takisama Concert!

  • Shuukan The Television (released 8th July)
  • TV Station (released 8th July)
  • TV Guide (released 8th July)
  • Ori-suta (released 10th July)
  • Hanako (released 23rd July)

4) Fans report seeing promotional posters for “Orthros no Inu” on train stations and inside trains cars. Some reported places include the platform of Shinjuku station (Keio Line), Nakameguro Station, and in the pink cars of the Keio Line.

Seems like promotion for “Orthros no Inu” is starting to heat up. Ganbatte kudasai!! 2 weeks to 24th July only! Can’t wait~~XDDDDDD

2 Replies to “Takki Tidbits”

  1. At least TBS is more on its toes with publicity than the Jimusho usually is (at least for Takki).

    Yes, Tacchi and Takki could make an interesting pair.

  2. It’s good to see lots of promotion of the drama, because while I was there, I saw nothing. Love to see Takki in an action movie, He has been only 1 up now. I found out lots of JE’s dont do lots of movie. Look at Kimura…he hasnt in much movie either …and when he was in one love and honour, he won an award but they didnt let him accept it. That was I dont understand about JE.

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