Takki Tidbits

1) According to J-net, there will be Takki in Osama no Brunch this coming Sat (8/29).

2) On August 22, in Omagari, Daisen City of Akita prefecture, there was an annual fireworks competition where the most famous pyrotechnists (firework specialists) in Tohoku competed and showed off their newest creations in fireworks technology. Amongst the pyrotechnists, Aoki Akio-san created a fireworks display called「花火革命2009」(Fireworks Revolution 2009) and Ai Kakumei was the opening song. Sugoi~!!

3) The kiss scene in Episode 5 was shot at a restaurant called Shihantei (Ninomiya, Kanagawa). A staff wrote about the shoot in the restaurant’s blog. (NOTE : this is the same restaurant / pool that Tatsuya dove into to retrieve Yuki’s diamond earring in Episode 1 of Taiyou no Kisetsu!)

Yesterday, in Shihantei, there was a shoot for TBS Friday drama “Orthros no Inu.” Orthros no Inu is a two headed dog that appears in Greek mythology. It was the day where there was a huge earthquake and the Tomei Expressway was closed.

The shooting started a little bit late.

Ryuzaki (Takizawa Hideaki) and Nagisa’s (Mizukawa Asami) scene was by the side of the Shihantei pool. The conversation between the two turned into an argument and then, a shocking scene (I can’t say what it is)!

It was held early in the morning and yet, it was an enthusiastic location shoot. They retook the same scene many times. Actors, staffs, thank you for your hard work!

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  1. Good for Aoki Akio-san! I wish I could have seen his display.

    Does that mean (the numerous retakes) that poor Takki got slapped several times…again?

    Intriguing that the pool was the one in Taiyou no Kisetsu…

  2. Osama no Branch….
    to promote Orthros no inu again?
    or to promote new thing?

    Not just several times of slapped but also several times of KISSED ka na….

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