Takki Tidbits

1) There’s are new goods on sale at the TBS shop — Orthros no Inu “Budclicks”.

2) There is a new “Daiichi de Knight” CM – 2 different versions – on air this morning, during Mezamashi TV. This time it’s kind of a comedic version, with 2 Daichi de knights (the “substitute role” is played by Nukumizu Youichi, the male teacher in “Majo no Jouken” lol~) but yay~ Takizawa Knight is back!! XD

3) Takki, Ryo & Asami are on the cover of TV Life released yesterday.

4) The “Orthros no Inu” photobook is released today!

5) There will be a Hikari Hitotsu single release event on 9/23 somewhere in Tokyo.

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