Takki Tidbits

1) J-net updated with this info on “Hikari Hitotsu” release.

“Hikari Hitotsu” 9/21 (Monday)
Details regarding shop arrivals

Go to the CD Shop on 9/21 (Monday)!!
The release for Takizawa Hideaki’s 3rd single「Hikari Hitotsu」is on 9/23(Wednesday) and under normal circumstances, the CDs should be in stores a day before the release, on 9/22 (Tuesday). But because of Silver Week, they will be in stores on 9/21 (Monday)! For those who would “like to listen to it early, even if its only one day earlier”, please feel free to come by the CD shops on 9/21 (Monday)!! But please understand that the time in which the sales will start are different depending on the individual stores.

Well, “Shalala” was released during Golden Week, and now “Hikari Hitotsu” will be released during Silver Week — I don’t even know this exists lol~ I wonder what will happen and how they’ll count the sales…

Btw, I checked CDJapan this morning and found that the singles are in shipping process already, but as it’s also a public holiday in Singapore on Monday, I think the earliest we’ll get our discs is Tuesday. Hmm…

2) Takki will appear in a VTR on “Osama no Brunch” tomorrow, 9/19.

3) Takki will be a guest on Yoko and Hina’s radio show, “Recommen”, on Thursday, 9/24.

6 Replies to “Takki Tidbits”

  1. No doubt we are going again to have those bizarre sales figures like last time. Btw, what on earth is Silver Week?

    Maybe I should be glad I will be away: no biting my nails waiting for the delivery guy, no agonizing over sales figures… But of course I will anyway (though I should remember “ignorance is bliss”).

  2. simone~ ignorance is bliss ne… stay away and let us handle the pressure hehe… i’ve no idea what’s silver week too lol… omg.. did u watch ep8?! okok, i’ll leave my thoughts in another post… *tries to calm down*

  3. I watched ep 8 online, it’s so cool but I have a few questions though…dont want to post the spoiler here

  4. I plan to ignore the sales number this time. I believe I can handle that..

    Mich, pls, post your thought about ep 8. I just finished watching it too.

  5. Cant wait for Ep 8..
    And pls let me know when u rec the disc on Tuesday k? I’ll zoom to meet you.. XDDD

  6. Great to know it’ll ship early! It’s been a long wait! But yes it’s PH in SG, the postman/shipping people has their day off too ^^ and thanks mich for handling the orders! :D

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