Takki Tidbits

Takki’s older sister got married on 5/29. Omedetou~★

Takki will tell us how he produced his sister’s wedding in this week’s Denpajou! So, this was what he was busy with after Takizawa Kabuki ended ne. Although it’s been rather quiet, there were a few eye witness sightings of him, like at Tokyo Disneyland, and more recently at Omotesando (seems like his hair is back to brown), we should be hearing about his upcoming schedule soon.

Takara Can Chu-hi Jikashibori drink will also have a new flavour come 6/15. It’s the season-limited Valencia Orange flavour. In addition, the drink will come in 250ml size as well. This would be a good size to try out the different flavours ne. And it looks kinda cute haha~

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  1. wow congrats to takkis sister then ^__^…

    waaahhh the 350ml chu-hi looks very cuutee!!!!!

  2. Omedetetou to Takki’s sister.

    So, he is the only single remaining in the family, and, if I remember correctly, he would like to be married by the time he is 30 [probably seemed far away when he first said it]. Therefore, he has less than 2 years left. We shall see.

  3. Wow, omedetou for his sister’s recent wedding. ♥♥ I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall in that wedding, esp. if Takki was the one who produced it. (probably the slideshow presentation, video taping of the entire ceremony/reception, etc.) Lucky sister if she had Takki produce it for her. ^__^

    Thanks 4 the tidbit info, esp. the latest w/him w/Takara Can Chu-hi. Yes, the pics on the website were really cute. Seems to me they keep using the same pics of him for every one he’s been doing. lol

    As for Simone’s comment to him getting married, yes…we ‘shall’ see ne. Only time will tell by the time he turns 30.

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