Takki Tidbits

1) From 8/6 to 8/13, Takki received 6,176 votes from docomo keitai users in Japan, and ranked in at #1 for “Beautiful men who can even pass as a Tarakazuka Troupe member“. In another goo ranking this week, Takki also topped the charts for “Young Johnnys talents who will likely grow into a famous MC (host)“. As he perhaps has the least exposure on TV compared to the rest on the charts, this is a very very good result indeed :)

2) There is a small article on Takki in the latest TV Life (issue no. 19, 2010). It’s a short concert report of Tackey Resort 2010 and there’s only one small picture of Takki wearing the con t-shirt.

3) There was a CM for Takizawa Kabuki DVD shown last week. Seems like it’s a 15s CM similar to the one shown on J-net. Btw, if you don’t know it yet, J-net has edited the VTR and added in the CM at the end. If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch it here (scroll down on the right and click on 滝沢秀明 & Mis Snow Man). I really love that scene where Masakado-sama was buried with snow, plus the spider spirit~~ can’t wait for 9/22!!!

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  1. Mich,

    What is Tarakazuka?

  2. thanks a lot for the updates,mich
    takki is really beautiful~~huh

  3. PUI~ takarazuka is a huge all-female theatre company. you know the actress in dream boy (makoto-san) and takizawa kakumei (ai-san)? they were both from takarazuka. the male characters are played by females. it’s kinda like the opposite of kabuki where males play female characters.

    takki2009~ u’re welcome :)

  4. I will add that their theater in Tokyo is almost next to the Nissey Theater where Takizawa Kabuki was playing.

    I am delighted that Takki still has appeal to the general public. I worry that his lack of exposure on TV will erode his popularity. Such a talented incredibly handsome guy, and nice too! Maybe he is too nice!

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