Takki Tidbits

1) Many international fans who won the lot drawing from Taki-CHANnel received the presents in their mailboxes yesterday. There was nobody at home when the postman came, so I haven’t got mine yet (got to wait till Monday at least since it’s a Public Holiday today in Singapore).

But I heard from many fans that they’ve received the Tackey Resort Event towel. Well, I went to the event so I’ve already got the towel — even ran through the streets of Shin-Yokohama for it lol, so now I’ve got TWO!!! Wahahaha~ maybe I can finally use one of them (and keep the other) hehe! Even though the present is something that I already have, I’m still quite amazed by it all… Johnnys Net mailing out towels to fans around the world. I’m really glad that they’re starting to notice us (long-suffering, lol) overseas fans :)

2) In Akanishi Jin’s new FC video at J-net, there is footage from Tackey Summer Concert 2010 after his message. They showed the 8/15 Yokohama Arena footage where Jin appeared with Takki after the silhouette changing scene, and during “Warui Otoko” where Takki sang “Jin Jin” to him LOL! It’s really cute at the end when they said bye bye as though Takki was the special guest and Jin stayed on the stage. Takki shouted “BAKA! This is my concert da yo!” LOL~~~


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  1. That video clip with Takki and Jin is quite amusing, especially when Takki shouted “Baka!”

  2. agree with simone. the video is really funny. lol~

  3. sugoi! now we both hv 2 towels! N the JFC video is so funny! haha, ii tomotachi ne~ futari~ ^^

  4. hihi. may i know whats the lot drawing on taki-channel?:D

  5. heisei04~ perhaps u can try writing your comment to taki channel and see if they reply you saying that you’ve won a gift from tackey :)

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