Takki Tidbits

It seems like Takki will be in this year’s Film Festa! Man, how long has it been? ^^;

Starting from August 1st to September 1st, it will be screened three times a day at Tokyo Dome City Hall. The film is approximately 2 hours long. Tickets are 1,500 yen and will be on sale starting in the middle of July.

You can check out the Johnny’s Film Festa 2013 website HERE. Dunno why it looks like a Halloween theme… It’s kinda too early for that, no? lol

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  1. Going? I was hoping its during our national day week lol.. Looks like i’ll skip

  2. i’ll pass as well…

  3. Thank you Mich and Bon for your efforts in always updating Takki’s news. Especially your efforts make in the translating.. It’s a lot of hard work. Thank you very much

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