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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. This man is crazy!!! *lol*

Completely out of the blue, our beloved Tono accepted an offer from TBS to star in their documentary (as part of their special series called “Television Future Heritages”) where he was to go on a “close-up investigation” of a lava lake to find out how and why such a phenomenon exists. This whole thing occurred at the beginning of June, within the Marum volcano of the Republic of Vanuatu (northeast of Australia). But what’s more impressive is that Takki is the first Japanese person to ever step foot inside the mouth of this volcano!

Takki was there for 10 days but of course, he wasn’t there alone. In addition to the camera crew, he was also with a team of experts and specialists. Takki also took a rappelling course in Japan before he went on this location shoot. The lava lake was 400 meters down from the mouth of the volcano, but it took them a while to execute this mission due to bad weather conditions (such as heavy fog, rain and volcanic gases). During this time, they had to wait and live in tents on the summit of the Marum volcano.

When conditions were finally good enough to enter the volcano, Takki went in wearing a gas mask (and of course, he was equipped with a camera) as he was carefully rappelled down into the volcano. For safety reasons, he was only allowed to go down 100~200 meters, but even from there, he was quite in awe as he explained his impression of the lava lake: “I couldn’t even put it into words. It made an impact on me. Being roped down into this (whole different) world, I could feel the heat and hear the powerful sound of the boiling magma… In a way, it was as though I was at the entrance of Hell. At the same time, I was so moved by the experience that I felt like I wanted to stay there forever.”

The documentary is called「奇跡の絶景ミステリー 地球46億年!大自然の神秘はこう創られた」(“Miraculous Scenic Mystery, Earth at 4.6 Billion Years! How Mother Nature’s Mysteries Are Produced”) and will be aired on 17 July at 9pm on TBS.

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From Sankei Sports:







From Nikkansports:

タッキー&翼の滝沢秀明(31)が命がけで、活火山の溶岩湖への接近調査に挑戦したことが21日、分かった。TBS系ドキュメンタリー特番シリーズ「テレビ未来遺産」の「奇跡の絶景ミステリー 地球46億年! 大自然の神秘はこう創られた」(7月17日午後9時)に出演。世界の絶景を紹介し、大自然の神秘や秘密をひもとく番組で、オーストラリア北東に浮かぶ島、バヌアツ共和国のマルム火山を訪れた。





From Sports Hochi:

人気デュオ「タッキー&翼」の滝沢秀明(31)が、日本人で初めて南太平洋の島国「バヌアツ共和国」の活火山・マルム火山の溶岩湖へ接近取材を敢行した。TBS系の大型特別番組「テレビ未来遺産 奇跡の絶景ミステリー 地球46億年!大自然の神秘はこう創られた」(7月17日・後9時)の企画のひとつ。1年のほとんどが霧で覆われる悪天候のなか、ロープで絶壁を100メートル以上下り、灼熱(しゃくねつ)の溶岩湖に潜入した。


Takki Tidbits

5 thoughts on “Takki Tidbits

  1. AGAIN.. how can we not love this crazy dude!!! LOL

    i agree with Aki… so proud.. so proud..!!!! ♥
    again proving why we are still following him…

  2. He is indeed, slightly off center, but I guess it’s one of the reasons we are fans!

    He seems always willing to try new experiences. I am sure he would have gone to the bottom if Johnny-san’s insurance hadn’t prevented it.

  3. This episode of the show can now be seen in full, in HD, with amusing broadcast commercials, and without subtitles, on YT if you hunt via his kanji name. Enjoy it while it lasts. Egads, Tackey, you are sportingly brave! He went from his first tentative outdoor camp in the deserts of Chile to now confidently camping atop the rim of a lava spewing volcano, and then soon rappels down into the raging caldera. The insurance department at Johnny’s must have been completely aghast!

    I can already see the title of the new extreme locations show now: “Where in the World is Tackey & Tsubasa?”

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