Takki Trip Photobook Release Event

Like they promised, FRaU released more information about the event on today.

As expected from any Johnny’s event, you have to donate an arm, a leg, half your life savings and also your soul in order to make it into the event… okay, not really, but it sure feels that way!! lol~

Basically, only 500 people will be chosen to attend.

For a chance to win a ticket to this event…. You must order both photobooks by phone or through the , anytime from 9 am on March 1st to 6pm on March 8th. Your order must be paid in full by March 16th. For those who win tickets, you will receive your photobooks at the event. Even if you don’t win a ticket, everyone who makes an order will receive a special postcard as a present. The postcard will feature cuts (pictures) not published in the photobooks.

The location of the event will only be released to those who win tickets to the event.

Lots of Takki luck to all of those who are planning to go!!!

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