Tetsuko no Heya 2008.11.12

My office connection sux… It’s so unstable… on and off, on and off… so all in all I only managed to see about half of the show :( But he was really kakkoii and yasashii ne~ the way he spoke, so polite and gentle… And they showed Enbujo’08 footage~ there’s Oshichi, and my favourite part from the make-up scene – when he draws his lips!! These must be footage from the DVD! *kyaa*

Takki on Tetsuko no Heya

He talked about living under the same roof as his family – his grandmother, his mother etc, and about his butais Enbujo and Kakumei, and of course about the drama Kokuchisezu. I caught a bit of the drama footage. But missed a lot of the talk t___t;

Takki on Tetsuko no Heya

They showed a scene from Kokuchisezu of Ryo and his mama eating ice-cream. After seeing that, the Takki in the studio was smiling so brightly~ It was a cute scene hehe ^^ And there was a picture of Takki and Tacchi holding guns (in Guam)~ KakkoiI! Reminds me of the police/detective roles in HK dramas~ haha! Ok, few more screencaps for your visual pleasure :)

Takki on Tetsuko no Heya

Sigh… any hope of this in HQ? *pleads* Urgghh! Just received 2 new tasks!!! Okay, will ganbatte on those first, then worry about the connection for “Nani Kore” later…

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  1. i did fast recording on this with 320×240 resolution, not a HQ but just in case if you want to watch it, i already uploaded it… http://marchlavender.livejournal.com/

  2. love~ yokatta! u recorded it!! thank you so much~ i’m off to grab it now ^^ then back to work haha!

  3. mich and love, thank you for recording and uploading…downloading now…thanks a million again

  4. Can’t open the link ,but the pics also make me happy.Takki is so cute and handsome.

  5. Lovely screencaps. I think Takki looks particularly good in these.
    Thanks to both you and “love” (running to get recording).

  6. Plez let us know when you’ve gotten the HQ vers. to this clip. *onegai* Thanks…I’d LOVE to see him holding that gun again at the shooting range…kyaaaa~ (so kakkoii!)

    Speaking of shooting ranges, I just played at an arcade gaming place w/my hubby & daughter, ‘Time Crisis’ (by myself) holding that type of gun yesterday. loll It wasn’t the same but hey…it was fun…hehe~ :P

  7. Thankx, love, for recording this in HQ. *bow*

  8. HQ (although incomplete) has been uploaded here:

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