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As posted on J-net and The Global Ltd website today, Takki will appear in the new ‘Corporate’ CMs for The Global Group. There are two versions of CMs: the “Globaloon series” and the “Dreams and Wishes series”. Each will have 15-sec & 30-sec versions. And the CM will be on-air, starting from 6th April.

If you live in Japan, remember to check out the TV show “O Uchi Surprise” (9.25 ~ 9.30am on NTV) this Saturday for the airing of the CM. For those of us who don’t live in Japan, the CMs will also be available for viewing online.

The Global Group appointed Takki for this job because he actually owns a house from this company (akirashock!) and also because they found him to be someone who is “capable of depicting a sense of reliability and stylish beauty”.

The concept behind this is that The Global Group is a company that can help make your wishes come true when you have a “belly full” of dreams and desires about owning your own home. It seems like they are taking this quite literally in the CMs because Takki’s character will actually have a big full belly! LOL! In the CMs, our big-belly Takki meets various kinds of people and absurd conversations are exchanged between them (while using “Globaloon” as the keyword).

In the first version of the CM, Takki’s belly becomes inflated so he goes to a hospital to get it checked out. According to his doctor, it’s a case of “Globaloon”…. this leads to an interesting conversation that ends with Takki floating in mid-air?? *scratches head* XD

Then in the second version, Takki meets a little boy in an examination room at the hospital. The boy saw Takki’s belly and asked what was inside it, to which Takki replied “Things like dreams and desires… passion and ideals…. floor plans and costs…” before he floated off into the air again *LOL*

Anyway, little behind-the-scene tidbits about the filming of the CM… Apparently, Takki wore the “poochy belly” during the entire shoot! But somehow, he still looked kakkoii? lol~ Takki also amazed everyone when he easily balanced himself on shaky chairs and props as he was shooting the floating-in-mid-air scenes. Sasuga Takki!

Press release can be found here.

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