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◆Fujigaya Taisuke◆

Taisuke said that he’ll probably cry during senshuraku. Especially during the parting scene between Yoshitsune-sama and Benkei. His mom tells him that men shouldnt cry so easily, but Taisuke explains that the tears weren’t intentional, but natural (a lot of things go through his mind during that scene). He then says that he “loves” Tono because he is a kakkoii man – internally and externally.

in a message to his fans, he thanks them for all their support and their time spent in writing letters to him. Whenever he meets a fan (close up) he gets even more nervous than the fans themselves and he doesnt know where to look while he talks to them. He says he likes people who are well mannered and those who follow rules.

“You can be happy because you know what your life is about. Using your small small hands, use your strength to hold onto your dreams!! I will also hold onto mine.”



◆Kawai Fumito◆

Kawai said that he is kawaii… but it just so happens that he has the face of an old man lol. After talking about his role as Togashi, a lot of his fans sent him letters with detailed information about the character. He thanks them for their support and promises to work harder. He then talks about an incident that happened to him about a month ago. Kawai had some time off after work, so he decided to take a different route home. A little girl and her mom were walking towards him, recognized him, and as they passed each other, the mom said to the little girl, “Look! This person is really good at impersonations!” So even though he realized that he is only known for his good impersonations, that incident has motivated him to continue practicing this special talent of his.



◆Kitayama Hiromitsu◆

Kitayama said he really likes spring and the cherry blossoms that bloom outside Shinbashi Enbujou during this season. As for his “lucky something,” Kitayama talks about his Johnny’s Jr audition. He’s apparently been playing soccer since elementary school. One day, his friend’s sister sent in an application for him (without telling him) and soon after, he received a notice about the time and location of the audition. He had soccer practice that day, so he thought he couldn’t attend it, but all of the sudden, practice got cancelled. And thats how he ended up going to the audition.

In a message to Tono, Kitayama also said that when he recently gave Tono a shoulder massage, he was really surprised by how firm his shoulders were. He hopes that Tono will take care of his body and insists that he’s available for massages anytime Tono needs one.



◆Kawai Fumito◆

Kawai wanted to gain further understanding about the character(s) he plays in Enbujou. He also promises to work harder in portraying his role as the villain. In response to Tono’s question, he said that he considers his current job to be that “lucky something” because he has always wanted to be in this kind of business. He thanks Tono for allowing him to take part in the recording and asks him to think of a new name for this year’s Enbujou team.

◆Totsuka Shota◆

Being able to become a member of Enbujou again was Shota’s “lucky something.” He said that he LOVES Enbujou because it enriches his level of experience and allows him to improve. Ever since last year’s senshuraku, he’s been wishing that he could be a part of it again. Finally, he asks Tono to invite him over to his house.



Tono’s first post in the J-web corner titled
[Takizawa Enbujou ’09 Takki & Lucky Love] “~Tono no Inochi~” (Tono’s Life)

Tono will update this corner every Tuesday and
the Jr’s will update every Saturday until senshuraku.


Takizawa Hideaki

Well~ I am doing Takizawa Enbujou again this year!! I want to become one with the rest of the cast. We did this last year too, but that is why i want to communicate with the Jrs through this Johhny’s web corner.

The topic is “What is something lucky that has happened to you? And is there anything you’d like to say to me through this special corner?”

This question is for everyone da yo!

The first to answer will be Saburo Tottsu and Oldie (Kawai). Yoroshiku~

if you are wondering why Tono calls Kawai “Oldie”… it started during ONE! and since then Tono has been teasing Kawai about how old he looks despite being the youngest member of ABC. Of course, Ryousuke is now the newest and youngest member… but Tono is right! i think Kawai looks even older than Tono! XD

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