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2009/4/24 â—†Fujigaya Taisukeâ—† summary Taisuke said that he’ll probably cry during senshuraku. Especially during the parting scene between Yoshitsune-sama and Benkei. His mom tells him that men shouldnt cry so easily, but Taisuke explains that the tears weren’t intentional, but natural (a lot of things go through his mind during that scene). He then says […]


2009/04/18 â—†Kawai Fumitoâ—† summary Kawai said that he is kawaii… but it just so happens that he has the face of an old man lol. After talking about his role as Togashi, a lot of his fans sent him letters with detailed information about the character. He thanks them for their support and promises to […]


2009/04/11 â—†Kitayama Hiromitsuâ—† summary Kitayama said he really likes spring and the cherry blossoms that bloom outside Shinbashi Enbujou during this season. As for his “lucky something,” Kitayama talks about his Johnny’s Jr audition. He’s apparently been playing soccer since elementary school. One day, his friend’s sister sent in an application for him (without telling […]


2009/04/04 â—†Kawai Fumitoâ—† summary Kawai wanted to gain further understanding about the character(s) he plays in Enbujou. He also promises to work harder in portraying his role as the villain. In response to Tono’s question, he said that he considers his current job to be that “lucky something” because he has always wanted to be […]


Tono’s first post in the J-web corner titled [Takizawa Enbujou ’09 Takki & Lucky Love] “~Tono no Inochi~” (Tono’s Life) Tono will update this corner every Tuesday and the Jr’s will update every Saturday until senshuraku. 2009/03/31 Takizawa Hideaki Well~ I am doing Takizawa Enbujou again this year!! I want to become one with the […]

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