[Tokyo Walker] Vol. 69 – SCAI THE BATHHOUSE


Takki visited SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, an art gallery located in a downtown area known as “YaNeSen” (a nickname for the Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi neighborhoods). The gallery building was originally a neighborhood “sentou” or public bath, but it went out of business around 20 years ago. The current owner insisted on keeping the exterior and overall integrity of the bathhouse, so things like the “getabako” (Japanese clog cupboard) and pay booth are still inside the lobby. Takki said he has been to a bathhouse sauna but he has never actually bathed in a public bath before.

Takki also said he has a relative who works with art and paintings, so he would occasionally go to art galleries. When he went to SCAI, the gallery show he saw was “Behind, Circle” by Natsuyuki Nakanishi. Although the artwork was interesting, Takki was more intrigued by the “traditional Japanese vibe” of the YaNeSen neighborhoods. The streets are lined with old shops and cafes, and Takki said it’s an area that he would like to explore on his own time.


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  1. Beautiful I love how your pictures bring out the wonferdul details of Tokyo. But it also breaks my heart since it reminds me how much I miss all the little details of Tokyo

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