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[LQ] Waratte Iitomo 2011.09.02

I left this to record and it turned out OK. I haven’t really watched the program yet so can’t really comment lol. But Tono’s hair today was parted to the side – for both Iitomo and Msute (which I’ll post after this~).

MU / MF (100.85, divx)

Waratte Iitomo 2010.03.10

Takki appeared on Waratte Iitomo this morning as a “surprise guest”.

They had to guess who the guest was, and there were 3 clues given. Takki was also talking though a voice filter lol! Only 2 of them didn’t manage to guess correctly. Most people caught it only after the 3rd clue — youngest taiga drama lead at that time (at the age of 22) :)


笑っていいとも 2009.09.24

Takki was surprise guest on Waratte Iitomo yesterday morning. He was placed in a box, and only one guy could see him. This guy had to write 5 words (kanji/kana – from 1 character to 5 characters) to give hints to the other people on the show. These people had to guess who’s in the box.

Waratte Iitomo

Takki was wearing pink, with a black vest. And he looks so cute wearing the graduation hat!! Haha~ especially when he had to take it off to let the girl put the red flowers around his neck lol… He was asked to explain how did the word “otokomae” come about… and he won an extra ring of flowers coz he was kakkoii lol… I was letting it record in office while I worked, so I didn’t really pay attention to what’s going on. I’d have to watch it again hehe…

And I stupidly overwrote the first part of my recording >.< So the caps here are taken from Nyanco’s recording :) Hopefully there’ll be a HQ available soon!

Updated 10/14:
LQ, 320×240, WMV, 330.01MB
MU: complete
MF: 001 | 002
Thanks, nyanco, for allowing me to share her recording :)

Tackey @ Waratte Iitomo Zoukangou 2009.05.10

Yay~ rehearsal footage from Wednesday’s episode!! Kakkoii~ XD

Hopefully someone recorded this in HQ…

Tackey @ Waratte Iitomo 2009.05.06

KYAA~~ I love his hair!! And whatever he’s wearing today~ KAKKOII!!!!! The opening was so cute, when Takki did the Iitomo dance lol. And the ending was KAWAIII!! Takki carrying the puppy in his arms!!!!! KYAAAAA!!!!!!! XD

Takizawa Hideaki Iitomo with Puppy


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