[Subs] Ningen Kansatsu! Monitoring 2015.08.06

Here’s the English subs of “Monitoring” which was aired on 6 Aug. This is a Must-Watch: Super idol Takizawa Hideaki vs Super rude Reporter! Takki was called into a room for a fake magazine interview and the reporters do a series of rude actions to him. Of course, he was monitored throughout~ and his reactions were priceless!! XD

Ningen Kansatsu! Monitoring 2hr SP (Tackey Cut)
English Subtitles
O/A: 6 August 2015
Duration: 13min 27s


Download (222.55mb) or Watch online
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Thanks to Marie for helping with the translations. Due to the large amount of colorful text on the original video, I’ve decided to try a slightly different style this time. Hope it’s okay, please enjoy the clip!

[Subs] Takizawa Hideaki @ Shounen Club Premium 2015.07.15

Shounen Club Premium “Johnny’s Talk”
Takizawa Hideaki interview & WITH LOVE performance
English Subtitles
O/A: 15 July 2015
Duration: 16min 52s

[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2015 (Tokyo) – Act 1


Although I knew that Takki would be performing here in Singapore in August, I still had to attend the Tokyo shows! I didn’t watch the very first Takizawa Enbujo in 2006, but from 2007 onward, I have watched it every year without fail. This was my 9th time watching Takizawa Kabuki (and the Singapore shows would be my 10th ^^). I only managed to get tickets to two shows this time. 4/23 1800: 1F 10th middle block 4/25...

[WS] Takizawa Kabuki SG Press Conference

Some WS clips from yesterday (Japan coverage).

PON! (53s, 18.1mb)


[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2015 (Tokyo) – Venue, food, and a few goods…

It’s been a while since I’ve written a report on the shows I attended. Over the past two years, I’ve just been sharing bits and pieces of my Enbujo/Kabuki trips on Facebook instead. Just realised that the last report posted here was for Hachioji solo con in 2012 lol. Okay, here I go. Please bear with me cos I’ve gotten a bit rusty XD

Venue: Shimbashi Enbujo theatre, Tokyo

Compared to in 2013 where the poster took only about half the wall outside the theatre, this year the poster took the entire section, right up to the top.



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