[Akutou] Telephone Booth

{ Scenes from the drama }

Shuichi used this pay phone to call the “Sato residence” to inform them about Sakagami Youichi’s phone scam. This telephone booth is located along Meiji Dori, near Higashi Shinjuku Station.

{ Side note }

(Picture credit : 慢热小恩 @ Weibo)

Takki mentioned this scene on the November 24, 2012 episode of Takizawa Denpajou. He said it’s been a really long time since he has last touched a public pay phone (even though he used them quite often when he was a kid).

One more thing~ Someone on Weibo wrote in her travel diary that she saw Takki in East Shinjuku on October 25, 2012. As you can see, she also posted pictures! Apparently, it was really late at night when she came upon the scene. Takki and the crew were waiting for filming to start again… but according to her, Takki seemed kinda bored, tired and also slightly peeved by the long wait. At the end, she wrote, “But I can understand. If it were me, I would’ve gotten pissed off already.”

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  1. Thanks for the tidbit!

  2. Always a pleasure~ There are some locations that we’re still trying to find, but hopefully, we’ll find them soon! ^^

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