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[Report] Takizawa Kakumei 2011 – Act 2

I took so long to write this ne…. but I told myself I had to finish it before the DVD release haha! It was rather rushed, but I was quite surprised I could still remember a lot of it. Also, I can’t seem to find pics for the beginning of Act 2, so gomen, all the pics seem to be cluttered at the end lol~~

Continued from Act 1

Scene #1: Once again, the forest of Kumano

Konno-kun talked about Newton’s predictions etc, and Hidejiji descended from 2nd floor right to the left of the stage. I always looked forward to this part… coz Hidejiji was always sooooo cute!!! Many times he slowly lifted his right hand with a “peace” sign while his left held on to his walking stick… There was minimal movement with his body and often, he just stared at the audience with a straight (but really cute) face :)

During my final show, he was so near to me coz I was sitting at the first row of the 2nd floor, on the right!! Kyaaa~ the fans around me were all giggling coz he was so cute~ his eyes were sparkling! ^^

After he landed on the stage, during our first show, he bowed to the man in black (who took off the cable for him), like saying “thank you” lol~ and then walked towards the center of the stage.


[Report] Takizawa Kakumei 2011 – Act 1

Sorry I took a long time to write this. Was looking through my reports, and realized I didn’t complete my Tackey Summer Con 2010 reports… If only there’s a DVD for that. AVEX!!

Anyway, back to Takizawa Kakumei 2011, I’m sooooo glad there’ll be DVD! \(^ ^)/ I won’t feel so stressed if I don’t finish this one lol~ But here’s what I can remember from Act 1. I watched 4 shows, and my seats were somewhat like this:

  • 1/13 eve: 2F-F left
  • 1/14 eve: 1F-R left-center
  • 1/15 day: 2F-B left-center
  • 1/15 eve: 2F-A right


Before the lights dimmed, Hime (Princess) sang along to Goto Hiromi’s violin playing. On 1/13, we entered the theatre at this time. I think 1/14 was the only show that I was seated before Goto Hiromi and Hime walked out to perform the song.


[Report] Takizawa Kakumei 2011 – Venue & Goods

First, the venue. 100-year-old Imperial Theatre.



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