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Haneru no Tobira 2012.07.25

Again, we got to see Takki SCREAM!! HAHA~~ this time not from pain, but from fright! 4 women dressed up as hideous looking creatures had to compete for only 2 “spots” to scare Takki~ coz whoever got to scare him would have the chance to hug him! Those lucky women!

bakemono scares takki


はねるのトびら 2010.12.01

Last night I totally missed this program~ forgot to add it to my calender. So when Irene messaged me about it, I was still outside having dinner lol. Thankfully, she got it recorded well and sent it over last night. Same as the previous week, but this time the guests had to show items starting with “ne”.

Download LQ from MF (60.69mb, divx)

I love all of Takki’s “mattaku nai”~ and at the end when he seems to be the only one without a necktie :)

He really looks good in this episode~ actually I think the female announcer is cute too, that’s why I included her in the bottom 2 screencaps haha…

Haneru no Tobira 2010.11.24

The guests had to bring things starting with “ba” and see if other guests brought the same things… I won’t go into detail, but I think Takki looked really good here, especially when he wore that “kaburi” thing lol~

haneru no tobira

Download 720×404 from MF (128.85mb, avi)

Haneru no Tobira 2010.03.10

Takki appeared as a guest of a “hostess club”. The hostesses are all males in disguise of coz… They asked Takki if he’s been to a hostess club, and he said “yes”! lol~ Then one of them asked Takki if it’s ok for Johnnys (to be in one, or to say that he’s been in one lol~), and Takki said, probably not. LOL…

Haneru no Tobira Takizawa Hideaki


はねるのトびらSP 2009.09.23

Takki appeared for about 10 mins in this one. Basically, the group of fangirl obasans gatecrashed his recording studio in Avex. Takki was singing in the other room and these girls were kyaaing over at the other. Then Takki had to taste the dishes made by them, and decide which is the best and worst. Loads of  ^^ (that you could hardly see his eyes hehe~).

Haneru no Tobira SP

The way he eats (and drinks) is chou kawaii~haha… And his little expressions here and there, especially after he tasted the kawaii-looking but mazui thing lol. And the girls ne, they asked him funny questions… Well, he chose the hamburg coz it’s like a family/home meal (rather than those found in restaurants)~ XDD And btw, that comedian lady that fed him… reminds me of Yayoimama…

Sorry my windows laptop crashed, so I’m not able to edit this video yet. I’ll try to find a way to do so, but for now, I’ll juz make do with screencaps first. Hope there’ll be a HQ raw for this. Tono’s clips are getting harder and harder to find…

Really can’t find any HQ for this that I can share… so I’ve edited the CMs out of my recording and converted it to avi.

Download LQ:
MU or MF (320×240, avi, 45.68MB)

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