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“Hikari Hitotsu” PV

Kakkoii ~~~

“Hikari Hitotsu” CM

I didn’t see the presscon for Kakumei on TBS, but while I was channel surfing, I suddenly heard a familar “anta wa… ore ni nani wo shite kureru”. Kyaaaa~ It was the Dwango 15s CM for “Hikari Hitotsu” :)

More tidbits:

1) “Hikari Hitotsu” took the #1 spot on the USEN Request Charts (J-Pop) for 9/9!

2) The “Hikari Hitotsu” PV was aired on Space Shower TV this early morning.

3) Takki will appear on the 9/13 episode of Utaban!

Update: Kyaa~~ you can watch the full PV at Love’s blog!!

シャ・ラ・ラ PV


I love the solo dance part — the close ups are so KAKKOII!!! And the close ups when Takki is sitting at the bar counter — he looks sooo good!! *faints* Not to mention that funny “chibiru” mouth-pout wahahaha… Dame Tackey! Ah, I won’t be posting it for download since the PV will come with Jacket A (pre-order here, here, here, or here) in HQ. Kya~~ can’t wait to see the off-shots!!!

Channel-a 2008.12.25 “Ai Kakumei” PV Making

Finally!! I thought nobody would post this. Hahaha~~ Making of “Ai Kakumei” PV! Filming was on 25th November, and took a about a day. Takki with girls~!! Girls who’re touching him all over. So cute, the director asked the girls to go closer and be more seductive, while Takki will have to keep a straight face and act as though he’s not affected by the seduction :)

Takki - Ai Kakumei PV - Channel-a Making

Download from MU or MF (63.54MB)

Btw, that girl that he held at the waist? She’s quite cute ne, and she really reminds me of Kelly Chen ne! Just that.. she’s much shorter hehe~ :)

Takizawa Hideaki – 愛・革命 PV

Kyaaaa~~~The beginning and ending of the clip is so cute! Takki’s smile!! ^^ And I love all the close-ups, even when the girl(s) are touching him all over hahaha~ This PV is made up of my favourite colour combi – black, white & red! Enbujo-colours :P Oh, and also that part where Takki dances alone (back dancers are frozen and less saturated). That’s quite cool! And I love the dance moves for the “Let’s shake the world” part~ When they do the moves together, it looks really good :)

Ai Kakumei PV - Takizawa Hideaki

Download from MF (25.5MB, grabbed from ~tube, courtesy of Nyanco!)

We can watch this in DVD quality soon!! This PV is attached to Jacket A of 愛・革命 (Ai Kakumei) single, which will be released on 7th January 2009. You can pre-order this from CDJapan or Amazon!

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