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シャ・ラ・ラ PV

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~ I love the solo dance part — the close ups are so KAKKOII!!! And the close ups when Takki is sitting at the bar counter — he looks sooo good!! *faints* Not to mention that funny “chibiru” mouth-pout wahahaha… Dame Tackey! Ah, I won’t be posting it for download since the PV will come […]

Channel-a 2008.12.25 “Ai Kakumei” PV Making

Finally!! I thought nobody would post this. Hahaha~~ Making of “Ai Kakumei” PV! Filming was on 25th November, and took a about a day. Takki with girls~!! Girls who’re touching him all over. So cute, the director asked the girls to go closer and be more seductive, while Takki will have to keep a straight […]

Takizawa Hideaki – 愛・革命 PV

Kyaaaa~~~The beginning and ending of the clip is so cute! Takki’s smile!! ^^ And I love all the close-ups, even when the girl(s) are touching him all over hahaha~ This PV is made up of my favourite colour combi – black, white & red! Enbujo-colours :P Oh, and also that part where Takki dances alone […]

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