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Hey!Hey!Hey! 2010.11.22

I know I still haven’t posted “Music Lovers” (recording went haywire) from last night, and “Tokyo Friend Park 2” just now (reached home late from work so I missed the opening…). But Hey!x3 was short and it was my only recording that went ok, so I’ll post this first.

Maa ne, Takki is really rich and generous ne, and of course, he always looks so good… even in purple! :) Plus I really love the way he dances Ai wa Takaramono, the way he moves his body and hands and mouth~ Kawaii~XD

Updated 11/30:
Download 704×400 from MF (64.15mb, avi)

I’m so drained… seem to be working on weekends… and on weekday nights as well. I want more time! *sobs*

[Subs] [Clip] Hey!Hey!Hey! Music Champ (Talk) 2008.06.02

This is the longest and most interesting talk segment for the Koi Uta promo clips. Almost 14 minutes of precious information! It was really enjoyable subbing this^^

Hey!Hey!Hey! Music Champ (Talk), 2nd June 2008
Tackey & Tsubasa – Koi Uta Promo
Subtitles: English
Duration: 13min 49s
File size: 184.17MB
Translation: glaciere
QC, edit: nyanco & mich
Timing, typesetting, encoding: mich

About this clip: Tsubasa suddenly couldn’t use a PC email? Takki keeps changing his email address? A long talk segment, which brought up some interesting stuff — Plus, there were loads of BRA and CLOCK talk *lol*~ There were also footage from Enbujo’08. Oh, watch out for someone‘s kamikami too xD


Download: MEGA *updated 18 Jan, 2015

Thanks so much to glaciere for the translation, and nyanco for helping to edit it! And as usual, please do not re-post or re-upload this file anywhere. But chief clerks (or not) please feel free to direct people over to this post xD

Hey!Hey!Hey! 2008.06.02

The talk segment was so cute~~ Takki smiled and laughed so much in this episode!!!! THEY KEPT MAKING FUN OF HIS MANBRA!!! *ROFL* And right at the start of the show, Takki kamikami-ed!! *LOL* (So funny when Tsubasa raised his hand and smacked Takki’s head!)


Then, it was the “T&T News” segment. First, Takki – in women’s clothes. They talked about the incident where Takki was practicing makeup (for Enbujo) in his room while his mom came in, got a shock, and screamed LOL! And Downtown asked him if he wore a bra during that time *ROFL* Takki was like “I was practicing make up! MAKE UP!” LOL! They also asked him about cleavage? Bwahahaha… Then they showed some of the Kabuki segment (mainly the costume changes, and the last scene from oshichi~) from Enbujo’08!!


And there was Murakami Shingo (Hina) and the Totoro Clock! LOL! Takki got for Murakami a Totoro clock for his bday, and asked jokingly for him to bring the present along to watch Enbujo (this was in Winkup magazine). And Murakami really brought that clock to watch Enbujo. In the dressing room after that, he gave Takki a bday present, and it turned out to be the same Totoro clock! So now they have a pair! hahaha~ There was a VTR from Murakami too lol.


Then they showed a pic of Takki in black (shirt zipped up to the top lol) pointing to the Totoro clock on his home wall. Then Tsubasa talked about the present that he gave Takki, a pro-wrestling mask. And they showed another photo of Takki in the same pose (pointing to the Totoro clock), but this time he’s wearing the pro-wrestling mask!! HAHAHA!!! Then, Downtown asked again if Takki wore a bra then? LOLOL~~ Takki’s bemused face was sooooo cute!!!!


Then Tsubasa pulled him away, to get ready for the song LOL, while Takki was protesting about the bra thing :)


Download Talk segment!! .001 | .002 | .003 (avi, 239.47mb)

Well, the best part of this program is definitely the talk segment! I was smiling non-stop while watching! kekekeke~~ If there weren’t any song performance, I wouldn’t mind at all lol =P Yappari, I still prefer Tono acting :D


Download KoiUta Performance .001 | .002 (mpg, 128.64mb)

Later on, during the other guest’s segment, suddenly the BRA thing was mentioned again lol. But I’m too tired to re-watch to find out what was it about lol. Gomen… So drained today, having slept only 4 hours this morning, worked till 6pm, rushed home to catch Hey!x3 @7pm, went over to Irene’s house to get my KOI UTA singles, and now just finished posting about it *phew* My eyes are hurting T_T so please forgive me if any of my translations above are wrong…

Lemme go for a quick bath to freshen up, then I’ll open up my singles!!!

Can’t wait!! o( ^^)o o(^^ )o

T&T @ Hey!Hey!Hey! 2007.08.13

Finished watching this clip as well~~ So cute & funny!!


But Takki looks really tired and thin ne :( When was this recorded? Wish he’d be as genki as he looked on Waratte Iitomo! Tsubasa looks really genki though, like really fresh and hyper.

Download here (24.09MB)

Nijuuyo-jikan terebi is approaching, 2 more days only… Hope he can get more rest and look more genki ne… Feels good after a good night’s sleep! I slept 9 hours last nite! LOL~ Went to bed at 10.30pm, and was supposed to wake up at 4.30am to continue packing my room, check mail, and maybe watch a bit of soccer. But I slept all the way hahahaha…

Tackey & Tsubasa on HeyHeyHey 2006.09.25

Ok I’ve concluded that torrents are really slow!! I left it for hours and the clips weren’t even halfway done. Fortunately CB has it fully uploaded by then, so I grabbed it from there instead! I have extracted only the T&T talk & performance part (heard they were sitting really closely after that)~~ Video download link is at the bottom of this post! Juz some screen caps of Takki during this appearance. Enjoy :)

Heyx3 20060925 Takki 1

Heyx3 20060925 Takki 2

Heyx3 20060925 Takki 3

Download here (89.5MB)
* Re-uploaded on 27th November 2007.

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