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[WS] Takizawa Kabuki SG Press Conference

Some WS clips from yesterday (Japan coverage).

PON! (53s, 18.1mb)


[WS & Newspapers] Takizawa Kabuki 10th Anniversary Genepro

Some WS clips from yesterday.

Asachan (56s, 14.5mb)


[WS] Takizawa Kabuki 2015 – 10th Anniversary Press Conference

Here are some clips of the presscon coverage across various TV stations. Content is similar for most of the clips but some programs showed different footage of past year shows, and PON! showed an exclusive interview with Takki! Do check it out :)


[WS 2013.04.01] Tackey Trip 29 & 30 Release Event

This morning, there were WS footage on the release event held on 30 Mar for Tono’s photobooks “Tackey Trip 29” and “Tackey Trip 30”. The 500 lucky fans who attended the event sang a birthday song for Takki. The surprise birthday cake brought out by the staff had a “31” on it. There was also a Q&A session with the fans.



[News Clips] Takizawa Enbujo 2013 Press Conference

Here are some of the WS clips from Wednesday.

Takki will be playing Yoshitsune again this year. He said honestly, he doesn’t want others to play Yoshitsune. I also feel that he’s most fitted for the role lol. ZIP! focussed on the ‘hadaka festival’ where Takki and Jrs hit the drums half-naked. In Mezamashi, a reporter asked if he’ll be getting married soon~ coz earlier this year, Johnny-san made a comment that Takki needn’t ask for his permission to get married lol. PON! featured the title logo, the hidden “タッキー” in the “舞” character. Takki also said that the logo itself is the handwriting of Johnny-san.

MF (59.37mb, mp4)


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