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Tokyo Walker report

This is the eyewitness report for the Tokyo Walker that was released today.

July 24th, 2009

Good evening, this is sono

Today, I have big news

Today at 2 pm, Takizawa Hideaki-san of Johnny’s
came to the +m MARUNOUCHI studio
It was a photo shoot for a magazine.

Takki and I had a one-on-one lesson and made hand-made pasta.
I felt dokidoki (nervous), but the lesson with Takki was really fun.
Sono fully enjoyed it and is (feeling like) a lucky person.


Fresh~ Vol. 17

I know it’s weird to start off my first translation of Takki’s Tokyo Walker essays with Vol. 17. Maybe I’ll slowly go back and translate the rest when I have time. But I cheated, coz I referred to the chinese translation when I overcame problems :P

Don’t you think that this is fresh? Vol. 17 (scan)

(Tokyo Walker 6/20~7/3)

“How are the schools like today?”

From this volume onwards, I’m thinking of using “School” as a theme for discussion. To suddenly mention “School”, everyone must be quite shocked, but recently if you’ve seen the news programs, do you find that there are more cases of youth crime? Youth younger than me are saying depressing things like “I have no dreams for the future”. The topic of “Young boys and young girls in our present society have very difficult lives”… Even after many years pass, I’ll still feel vague about it. Thus, just what kind of situation is the youth education in schools today, I am quite deeply in doubt… and I hope there will be a solution.

Although it happened many years ago, when I look back on my school days, the memories I have are making the teachers very angry (laughs). The reason might be having a strong feeling to oppose the teacher, when they have differing viewpoints, are biased, or they do not want to listen to what students are trying to say. Of course, not every teacher is like this, I have also met good teachers. By “good teacher”, I’ve since realised that there are a few.

Recently, who I feel is a “good teacher”, is none other than “Yankee Sensei” Yoshiie Hiroyuki (link). After I watched his documentary program, I was very touched. Usually I’m not the kind who cries easily, but I cried a lot. I even bought the DVD (laughs). It is really amazing to be able to capture your students’ hearts.

The next volume I will have a face to face talk with Yoshiie Sensei. Although I’m looking forward to it, I’m starting to feel the pressure… I’m really very nervous~ (laughs).

This week’s freshness:

The Takki who talks enthusiastically about “Yankee Sensei”, and who’s about to talk to him in person. At first it was “I want to have a chat with him’, then as the day approaches, Takki flinches instead “It’ll be great if I can just have one look at him…” (laughs) He shows a glimpse of being a fan. That is very fresh!

Ijou desu~~XD

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