[Tokyo Walker] Vol. 49 – Budougari


Takki went to a grape farm at a neighborhood in Setagaya. He remembers picking strawberries once when he was little, but this was his first time picking grapes and eating them straight from the vine.

At that particular time, Takki’s family stocked up on a lot of grapes, so he was practically eating a bunch every night! He was quite sick of eating them but even he thought the grapes at Budougari were delicious!

Takki also said he doesn’t have time for it right now, but he would like to have his own vegetable garden when he retires. He also has a great interest in making tea. He knows that growing his own tea will be tough, so instead, he would like to experience what it’s like to pick tea leaves. He said it would be really nice to make his own green tea and pair it with something like homemade pickles ^^;

{ Side Note }

According to the website, there is no entrance fee, but they sell their grapes by weight. We suggest going there in August. That’s when the harvest is at its peak and the prices are cheaper. It’s hard to tell what kind of grape Takki was picking and eating during the photoshoot, but looking at the pictures, my guess is the ”Fujiminori” or the “Takatsuma.”

{ Website } Budougari

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