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[Review] 新春 滝沢革命 (2011) DVD

The Packaging

I was too happy when I got my discs… that I wanted to watch them immediately. Hence, I just took a quick shot of everything with my cellphone camera — which means the quality of the image below is bad. Sorry.


[Review] Takizawa Kabuki DVDs

I’ve been so overwhelmed with work… to the point that I thought I might just collapse in office lol. But fortunately, the weekend is here! After posting this, I’ll be off to bed hehe :)

On 9/22, I called DHL to reschedule delivery in the evening and the time slot they gave me was 7-10pm. If the guy had come at 10pm, I think I wouldn’t sleep that night. Fortunately he arrived at about 8.30pm, and I immediately started my Takizawa Kabuki DVD marathon :D


Takki Flying Charms…

…finally arrived in my office this afternoon! 8 days after it was mailed out. I was soooo worried that Singpost would eat them up (like how they ate up our cash few years back~), but now I’m soooooo relieved! They probably didn’t know how valuable these charms are lol~ Honto ni arigato, you-chan! ^^

Hidejiru and Kirakira
( Sorry, picture was taken using my lousy keitai camera )

When I first took them out from the package, first thing I noticed was… it’s metal! KYAAAA!! As we couldn’t tell from the pictures back then, I was mentally prepared to receive plastic spongy charms! fufu~ after all the crying in the morning watching Yoshitsune-sama, the afternoon was all smiley smiley for me hehe~~

Just now I was calculating, after all the credit card, paypal & bank charges etc… each charm probably costs $50? That’s crazy! But HAPPY CRAZY! haha!

[Review] Takizawa Kakumei DVD

Finally received it!! Thanks to you-chan for helping us with the receiving and shipping!! I’m really really grateful~ *hugs* These belong to the few of us in Singapore who bought from Tackey Shop :) We haven’t received the charms yet, so I’ll post about it later, if I remember hehe~

takizawa kakumei dvd


My ワンワン DVD!

DHL is fast~ shipped from Amazon JP, and reached my office before noon the next day. But… the box was badly damaged, and I knew the discs would be affected — 2 of them were off their ‘teeth’! And as I’m not at home now, I could only take pics with my keitai camera…

Orthros no Inu DVD


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