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Kabuki Trip ’10: Day 5 (Shinjuku – Shimbashi – Odaiba)

2010.04.28 This day we were supposed to go Disneyland, first time for both bf-san and myself, but due to the weather forecast (that it’ll rain the whole day), I switched the plan around, and decided to push Disneyland to a day later. Early in the morning, we had breakfast at the hotel. As usual, my […]

Kabuki Trip ’10: Day 3 & 4 (Shibuya – Ueno – Asakusa – Ginza)

2010.04.26 After the afternoon show of Takizawa Kabuki, I met up with Bf-san at Harajuku. He was shopping around while I was watching Takki :) We proceeded to Shibuya for lunch, and chanced upon this restaurant called Negishi. The food was delicious, and supposedly healthy as well.

[Report] Takizawa Kabuki – Act 2

Act 1 report can be found here. Duration of Act 2: Approx. 1hr 10mins Takizawa film: Prologue to Masakado The curtains raised, and the Takizawa short film played on the screen. The main actor in the film is Yamamoto Ryota. He really does look like Yamada Ryosuke of HSJ in this film lol. He’s dressed […]

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