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Utaban 2009.09.13

Wahahaha… Takki actually gave a piece of “h” underwear to Asami-chan as bday present! And the funniest thing was the way Asami-chan drew it! LOL! Takki was shouting “draw it properly yo!”. Then after that, they had a palm reading session… I was looking at my left hand at the same time, analysing my own palm lol…

Utaban - Takizawa Hideaki and Mizukawa Asami


Tackey @ Utaban 2009.05.10

Takki was guest on this 2-hr Tokuban SP. They played back many VTRs over the years, and Takki commented on some of them, like on Arashi and Matchy-san. “Shalala” was performed somewhere at the end. Sugoi ne! I love the female dancers, and whatever they were wearing~~ I think it matches Tono best so far. This performance was really neat, and I love the very last close-up shot. Definitely my favourite Shalala performance on TV so far :)

Tokuban 20090510

1) DL (640×360): MU or MF (82.49MB) – avi, missing the Aiba talk
2) DL (720×480): (MU) 001 | 002 | 003mpeg, complete takki parts
Or (MF) 001 | 002 | 003 (201.36MB)
3) DL (704×396): MU) 001 | 002avi, complete takki parts
Or (MF) 001 | 002 (157.45MB)

[Subs] Utaban 2009.01.22

Finally completed this clip from the “Ai Kakumei” rush earlier this year. Douzo!

Utaban, 22nd January 2009
Takizawa Hideaki “Ai Kakumei” Promo
Subtitles: English
Duration: 9min 09s
Subbed by: Mich & Bon

About this clip: The talk segment extracted from Takki’s appearance on Utaban, to promote “Ai Kakumei”. They talked about seniors, juniors, bath goods, etc… and once again, Nakai and co. managed to get Takki into a bath tub half-naked XD

Takizawa Hideaki on Utaban, English Subs

MF (134.46MB) *re-uploaded on 30 Aug 2015

* do not re-post without permission

Sorry, I took so long to get this done. If only the subbing software can work on a mac, it would make things much easier…

[Subs] Utaban 2008.06.05

Finally got this completed :)

Utaban, 5th June 2008
Tackey & Tsubasa – Koi Uta Promo
Subtitles: English
Duration: 9min 52s
File size: 108.81MB
Translation: qwe
Transcript, QC: nyanco
Edit, timing, typesetting, encoding: mich

About this clip: Takki tells us a bit about what happened the previous night, when a drunk Tsubasa called him. Then, a weird salesman came on the show trying to molest Tsubasa promote his product to T&T. But weird as he might be, thanks to him, we get to see them strip kekekeke~ xD


Download: MEGA *updated 18 Jan, 2015

Thanks so much to qwe & nyanco! *hugs*

T&T @ Utaban 2007.08.02

Just finished watching last night’s Utaban & the recent 2 Zubaris~ Am trying to catch up with all the clips I missed. I’ll start with Utaban first. Takki really looks quite tired ne~~ *heart pain*


Really love what he was wearing, the way the sleeves were folded ^^ The chibi vs present Takitsuba part was really cute!! Takki was complaining when he saw his chibi pose *LOL* They had to do the same pose as their chibi cardboard figures lololol~~


Then Nakai tried to say something and Takki stopped him. That was so cute! He called him “Sempai” while blocking his face *kawaii* He said that they are on TV :)



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