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Takirev’10: Day 8 (Tokyo – Singapore)

*Phew* The last post for my Jan 2010 trip :)


After checking out of the hotel, we left our luggage at the lobby, and explored the area around our hotel. We had breakfast at Sunshine City's Macdonalds.


Takirev’10: Day 7 (Ryogoku – Asakusa)

Back to January this year again lol~


We left the hotel after breakfast, for Ryogoku, to visit the Edo-Tokyo Museum that my colleague recommended me to go.


Takirev’10: Day 6 (Shinjuku – Odaiba)

Sorry, I’m going back to January again this year, as I have to complete that trip log before starting on the most recent one. But dun worry, I’ll continue to work on the Takizawa Kabuki goods and show reports in the meantime…


[Report] Takizawa Kakumei ’10 – Act 2, Show Time

…cont’d from Act 1

Duration: approx. 1hr 15mins

Scene #1 – Ruins A


Shigin-kun walks onto the stage and introduced the next Act, which is about the future in the year 2060, Newton’s prediction of the end of the world. After talking for a while, he points up to the 2nd floor, the music changed, and *chou kawaii* hidejiji hung from a cable “flew” down from the right of the 2nd floor, to the left on the first floor stage.


Takirev’10: Day 5 (Harajuku)


I decided to continue writing about the trip first, before going back to the shows reports coz god knows how long I’ll take to get Act 2 up, and then there’s still Jinsei Kakumei report lol.


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