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[LQ] Music Station 2011.09.02

I rushed back from work and got back 15mins late… but fortunately I was in time to see Tono answer a question from Tamori-san, and then go on to perform. This clip includes the performance and the ending of the show.

MU / MF (23.1mb, divx)

Music Station 2011.03.18

Posting some recent tv guestings for Trip & Treasure…

This was Takki’s first live TV appearance after 11 Mar disaster. This episode was very solemn, no applause and no live audience. The other artistes sang rather sad and slow songs, but both Johnnys groups on the show – T&T and NYC – sang lively songs, hoping to bring smiles back on the faces of people. Instead of singing songs from their new album, T&T sang Ai wa Takaramono.


Music Station 2010.11.26

In this cut — the opening bit, Ai wa Takaramono performance, the talk about Takki being fully hadaka in hotel rooms, and the ending. A total of 7mins 26s.

Download 704×396 from MF (87.33mb, divx)

Music Station 2009.09.25

It’s a 3hr SP where they count down the Best 100 songs as voted by the people. Takki was guest and the first to sing. He cut his hair! It’s not Ryuzaki, but Takki hehe… And as usual, he brings some juniors onto the show lol…

Takki talked about Matchy-san’s song too, and about how the song title came about? something like that… And later on there was Kinki Kid’s “Garasu no Shounen” where Takki (then 15 years old) was one of the back dancers lol… He was wondering why they freezed such a frame of him LOL!

Now, it’s time for Wan Wan last episode!!!!

MQ (512×392), 7min 02s – Opening, main talk, live, Kinki Kids song talk:
Download from MU or MF (164.29MB)

Tackey @ Music Station 2009.05.15

WOW~ SO MANY DANCERS!!! The last chorus kinda gave me the Enbujo’09 version feel hehe~ and I definitely prefer Takki without the hat! ^^ Too bad, there was no talk at all v___v; But there was a lot of Eiji & his sensei on Mini-sute! XDD Makes me wanna take out my Antique DVD to watch again…

Takizawa Hideaki on Music Station Shalala

Forgot to mention… I was drooling at Tono’s biceps during mini-sute :)

1) 348×260, avi, 1min 53s
– Mini music station (mini-sute)
Download from MU or MF (16.68MB)

2) 704×396, avi, 3min 55s

– Opening, Shalala, Ending (missing mini-sute)
Download from MU or MF (82.41MB)

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