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Kuricon ’07 – Days 5 & 6

Day 5 – 25th December 2007

Christmas Day at Hachioji :D This time, no search for primary school = no cow farms, thank goodness. On my itinery, it was mainly Kyon for today!

It was only Bonnie and I going for this “pilgrimage” *lol*, since Stephie was meeting her friend, and Leli joined us later. We took the Yamanote Line from Ikebukuro to Shinjuku. And it was sooo packed at the train station, on the train, and I got sick, and had to pay 100yen just to get inside the public toilet!! 100yen!!!! In Singapore, public toilets are mostly free, and if we have to pay, at most it costs us 20 cents ne! 100yen is like 6 times that amount? *faints*

Then, from Shinjuku, we could finally have a seat on the train as it took us to the peaceful suburb of Hachioji. Ah, I’m back in Takki’s hometown again ne~ the feeling is good ne! ^^ I had onigiri *again* on the train, and we took pictures of the scenery while recalling everything that happened at the shows… It was on the train that I took a picture of our nails! LOL! Might sound funny but we didn’t even plan for it, and when we met, Bonnie and I actually had the exact same colour nail polish!!! :D


Time seemed to pass so fast when we were talking about Tono! We talked about all the kawaii things he did in Kimagure JET, his funny actions during the Matchy-san VTR, his Crazy Rainbow actions, his Yuki-chan hairwig, that Christmas Tree headgear, the uchiwa-kissing (and puking), the “GA” uchiwa… Everything and anything we could remember from the shows!! Soon we reached our destination station~ This is just one of the pics I took on the train:



Kuricon ’07 – Day 3 [Concert Goods]

Day 3 – 23rd December 2007

We reached Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel at about 9.15am, and met Leli :) We then proceeded to queue up for the congoods. The queue was longer than last year’s. It went up the stairs, round the bend, and all the way back to possibly across the whole Arena A seatings area.



Kuricon ’07 – Days 1 & 2

Know what? I zenzen cannot concentrate on work OR studying!!! So… I’ve started on writing about this trip instead. Actually, I realised that I haven’t even written about Ikejiriohashi and JFC from the Enbujou’07 in July! *hides* But heck, I’ll strike when the iron is hot, when it’s still fresh in my mind :D

Day 1 – 21st December 2007

Fortunately 12/20 was a public holiday in Singapore, so I had time to pack and do some last minute googling of maps and directions. Also managed to sleep for 3 hours before heading to the airport. Our flight was at 6am. For the first time, I slept for a while on the plane… probably for about 1 hr while watching Ratatouille? The turbulence was making me giddy… We reached Narita airport at about 2pm, and roamed around the airport mall for a while. I bought a fleece jacket from Uniqlo, and had an Ebi burger at Macs.


Then we proceeded to the Meeting Pt to wait for Bonnie :) Stephie brought her laptop along so we were watching a bit of Yakusoku ~ Flowers Song ~ (none of us expected that T&T would be singing Yakusoku at the shows!). I stupidly din write down the flight no. of Bonnie’s so wasn’t really sure when her flight was arriving. Fortunately I decided to get a drink from an express bar (that was about 5 pm?), and on the way there, I saw a familiar blue sweatshirt hehehe.. and there Bonnie was, waiting with her luggage!! :-) We proceeded to the hotel, a 2 hour ride via JR~ Of course, we had to carry our luggage down and up flights of stairs! *sweats*

After checking in, we saw MSSP on TV! When T&T appeared, Stephie & I screamed!!! It was kinda out of no-where coz we didn’t hear the announcement at all that they’d be on… so I took the lift down to Bonnie’s room, and watched SAMURAI there kekekeke… All I remember was T&T being very high up on a platform… and whatever Takki was wearing was kakkoii!! The performance was really cool!! And at the end, he was bowing to the audience halfway when the director cut it for commercial break *curses the director*


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