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[Translation] Myojo 5/2011

They weren’t joking when they said it was a 10,000 word article lol. But it’s always nice to learn something new about Takki~ Anyway, I only did a rough translation of the most interesting parts~ There are probably a lot of typos and grammatical mistakes too, but… please don’t make me go over the article again XD It’s obviously quite long, but I hope you guys enjoy!


[Scans/Trans] NHK Sutera 2010.07.16

Here is a scan of the page from NHK Sutera 7/16 issue. This is an article on the Shounen Club Premium where Takki and Yara were guests. At the bottom right half of the scan are Taichi-kun’s comments on Takki and Yara, and below is a translation of it (by Marie – 39!) of it.


Takki appeared on my program after about two and a half years of absence, but his kouhais surely talk about him very often. You may not be able to guess from his gorgeous face, but he is really chivalrous and takes great care of his kouhais.

He is also quite familiar with film making; I heard that he is so much into it that he doesn’t only film but also edit the footage. On the other hand, Yara is a capable person, showing his extraordinary sense of dance since he was in his teens. They have a relationship of mutual trust which was formed by the very fact that both of them have developed their ability in different fields ever since they joined Johnny’s as “douki” (classmates) till they met in “Takizawa Kabuki”.

I think this relationship is wonderful. Takki is 28 years old and Yara is 27. I have a feeling that they belong to a generation which is creating a new era again, a generation where they, while being active as “idols”, also pursue what they like to do thoroughly.

By the way, I was surprised to hear that I promised Takki to go for dinner together 10 years ago and had not gone yet. After the filming of the show, we went to NHK’s dining hall and split the bill… That’s a joke (laughs). I am hoping that the three of us will have dinner together the next time.

We have subbed this episode some time back, so if for some reason you missed it, douzo :) Also, many thanks to nyanco for this mag! XD

[Translation] Wink Up 10/2010

I always enjoy reading the article titles because they barely make any sense and almost never have anything to do with the actual interview topic. As for this particular title… I can’t stop reading it with a ‘z’ as in “FOR REALZ?!” XD Anyway, hope you guys enjoy~ Original translation by Marie (arigatou!) and edited by Mich and Bon.

Takizawa Hideaki – For Real

The delinquent side in Taki Ranger. Once again at his solo concert, Takki has displayed various forms of himself. This month, we asked about the behind-the-scenes story of the dokkiri
* that was placed on Mis Snow Man, whom were also featured in this concert.

The recent solo con at Yokohama has ended safely. This time, Mis-Snow-Man of Johnny’s Jr’s supported me from behind [backdanced for me]. Have you watched Taki Channel? In a Taki Channel scheme, we got them pretty startled. As to what kind of dokkiri it was, it seems like they’ve discussed the details of it on their webpage but apart from that, I’ll also be talking about what happened behind the scenes.


[Translation] Potato 08/2010 – Takki’s A to Z

I thought this was really interesting hehe~ The A-Z part was originally translated by Marie. Thank you! Although I won’t be able to post scans until I receive the clippings, you can get them at the forum, courtesy of nyanco.

Takki’s Solo Concert Tour starting at the end of July has been decided. While enjoying a short cruise, he told us a lot, about keywords that he associates with (each alphabet), from “A to Z”. We’ll see the latest news from Takki, such as his work, private life, and favorite things.  =This is a must-read!

A — A.B.C-Z
I met them yesterday. They said they were rehearsing “Playzone 2010”. Guys, do your best!

B — BUTAI (Stage Production)
Since “Takizawa Kabuki” ended, I’ve been kind of  living a life of NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) now (laughs). Sometimes I’ll see the doctor for my injury. I try not to move around much. It’s been only a month, but I already feel like it (the butai) is a memory.

C — Concert
I’ll hold solo concerts from the end of July! I’ll go to Osaka, Nagoya, and Yokohama in a month. I am thinking of breaking with the existing concept of concerts. I’d like to do a lot of (unpredictable) things.


Tokyo Walker report

This is the eyewitness report for the Tokyo Walker that was released today.

July 24th, 2009

Good evening, this is sono

Today, I have big news

Today at 2 pm, Takizawa Hideaki-san of Johnny’s
came to the +m MARUNOUCHI studio
It was a photo shoot for a magazine.

Takki and I had a one-on-one lesson and made hand-made pasta.
I felt dokidoki (nervous), but the lesson with Takki was really fun.
Sono fully enjoyed it and is (feeling like) a lucky person.


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