[Akutou] Night Cafe Leger

{ Scenes from the drama }

Shuichi followed Tadokoro to a cabaret club called Lady Joker. He always sat at the same spot at the bar as he observed Tadokoro. This is also the place where he met Haruka, who was working there as a bartender. In real life, this cabaret club is called Night Cafe Leger and it is located near Kawaguchi Station in Saitama.

{ Reminder }

In Japan, cabaret clubs are a place for men to drink and flirt with young female hostesses. Since Night Cafe Leger is a real cabaret club… it would be somewhat awkward for fangirls to suddenly appear and take pictures of the bar stool that their idol sat on during a drama shoot *lol* So in other words, going inside is not really advised, but if you just so happen to be in the Kawaguchi area, there’s no harm in taking a picture of the building from the outside ^^;

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