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[Lyrics] 悪い男

“Warui Otoko” is the 2nd track from the “Hikari Hitotsu” single. Note: “jin-jin” doesn’t really have a meaning on its own, but is more like an expression used to emphasize the rest of the sentence. 悪い男 warui otoko Bad man ひとり震えてないで hitori furuete naide Don’t tremble by yourself 早く覚悟を決めて hayaku kakugo wo kimete Quick, make […]

[Lyrics] ボクがいる

Here’s a lyrics translation of “boku ga iru”, the limited bonus track from Hikari Hitotsu Tackey Shop edition (aka jacket D). Melody and Lyrics are written by Takki. ボクがいる boku ga iru I’ll be here 2人で歩く 夕暮れの坂道に futari de aruku yuugure no sakamichi ni At the twilight slope where the two of us walked together, 君の影さえも愛しく感じた […]

メデゥーサの鏡 Lyrics

I edited the posts already, but i realized that i previously wrote Medusa no KAMI instead of KAGAMI *lol* machigae mashita, sumimasen~ ^^; Anyways, this is my first attempt to translate lyrics. I’m not really good at it, so there are bound to be errors (so please dont repost elsewhere). But as long as we […]

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