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[レポ] 新春滝沢革命 2010.01.04 ~ 2010.01.10

Bon-chan here~

After the opening day, people don’t really blog about the shows in detail… so there’s not a lot of info for us to report. Which is why we’ve decided to squish last week’s info into one post. Unless there is a lot to say about an upcoming show, we’ll probably continue to translate and post the reports in batches. kore kara mo yoroshiku~



[レポ] 新春滝沢革命 2010.01.02 & 2010.01.03

** There are some spoilers mixed into the report **


[レポ] 新春滝沢革命 2010.01.01

The opening show started at 5pm, and ended at 7.55pm, with a 30 minute intermission in between the 2 Acts. Let’s start off with the general notes on the goods and theatre:

  • Fans received the 五円/ご縁 otoshidama from Takki again this year.
  • Fans who purchase more than 1500yen of CD/DVD at the booths will receive a mousepad.
  • Some pics of the goods have been posted on auction sites, and that includes the shopping bag, diary, pamphlet (inner page~*KYAA!*), clearfile, mirror and photosets A, B & C~*kakkoii!*
  • They were also selling a sticker calender (similar to last year’s). Except this year’s calendar is from April 2010 to March 2011 (and the pictures are so much nicer!! I’m glad that we get to have another Takki calendar again!).
  • There were tons of congratulatory flowers in the lobby because flowers given to Mori-san were also included in the display


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