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[Report] Takizawa Enbujo’09 – Act 1

This is more than 7 months late. A continuation from the Enbujo’09 Food & Goods post. But better late than never, I guess. I’ve to post it for my own reference, so this is my super long-winded report once again. Please proceed at your own risk…

Shows: 29 Mar ~ 03 Apr, 2009
Act 1 duration: approx. 1 hr 30 mins

The Stage

This is the view of the stage from 2nd Floor first row.



Japan Trip (Mar 28~April 4 2009)

Not much of other stuff to write about, since I went to Japan mainly for Enbujo. But I’ve decided to have just this one post to put up some of the pictures I took during the trip. Of course, I think I’ll still post my report on Enbujo’09 (soon~), even if nobody wants to read it anymore lol.


[Report] Takizawa Enbujo’09 – Intro, Food, Goods, etc.

This is the first time I bought goods at every show I attended. This trip was really really memorable, and it’s one where we travelled ONLY for Tono. We watched one show a day, which means, we saw Tono every day (apart from the days we flew into Japan and back to Singapore). We gave up our Fish market & Ramen museum trips on 2nd April just to watch that extra show. But it’s so worth it… I love Enbujo… so much that it’s hard to heal the lovesickness this time….

Before going onto the goods and food of Enbujo this year, I have to talk about this “Takki Logo” which we found appended to almost all the goods this time.

Takizawa Enbujo 09 Takki Logo

The moment I saw that, I noticed the words “タッキー” immediately!! Maybe my eyes are just that screwed up~ XD It’s really cleverly designed ne, using his name to form a 3D cube structure. It appeared at the back of the pamphlet in gold – against black background – and on the shopping bag, clearfile, photo album, etc… – in red against white background.


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