Ho! Summer (Ho! サマー)

Released: 09 August, 2006
No. of copies sold: 143,361 (as of 2008.04.03)
Weekly Peak Position: #2

Ho! Summer (First Press) Ho! Summer (CD+DVD) Ho! Summer (Regular Press)
Jackets A, B & C!

Tracks List:

  1. Ho! Summer (Theme song for drama “Gakincho~RETURN KIDS~”)
  2. Taste Me / Takizawa Hideaki
  3. Mihatenu Yume / Imai Tsubasa (Song for Tongari Corn CM)
  4. Ho! Summer (Karaoke)

CD+DVD (Jacket A)

“Ho! Summer” choreography & off shot image recording
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First Press (Jacket B)

Comes with Original coaster and key holder set
# Purchase @ CDJapan | YesAsia

Regular Edition (Jacket C)

Includes Bonus Track “Michi” (Song for “Kawai Juku”)
# Purchase @ CDJapan | YesAsia

Ho! Summer is a catchy song, first time I heard it, I like it ^^ And the PV is so much Makes me rabu the song even more! Hehehe~ I got into T&T just before this single was released, so the entire Ho! Summer rush was quite special. During the promos for this single, Takki wore his cowboy hat ^^, Tsubasa has one of his best hairstyles to date~ and most of the time, both boys wore white t-shirts and jeans!! (I love such outfits!)

“Michi” has got to be the best song of this single (only found in the Regular version). The tune itself is so nice~~ and the lyrics is really meaningful… Tsubasa’s solo is really nice too~ and the lyrics to Takki’s “Taste me” is really quite… “Taste me, honey! Eat me, honey! Drink me, honey!!” LOL~~

Jacket A’s DVD off-shots – filming of the Ho! Summer PV in Saipan!! Sugoi~~ although it’s so short, we see the boys having so much fun, baking in the sun *Tanned Takki = Yummy*, and teaching the furitsukes… Kawaii~~~

As of 30 June 2007, my ichiban favourite Takitsuba single cover is this Jacket C! I just think it’s done very well. That when people actually see the cover, they’d feel like picking up the CD (compare it to the fierce looking 2U4U covers lol~)… that kind of feeling ne! Everything looks so fresh, blue and white~ there’s the blue sky, blue sea, beach, deckchair and genki-looking boys in white tops and denims~! ^_^

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