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[Report] 滝様コンサート’09 – Part 2

Sorry, I kinda rushed through this, coz I really have to post it before the drama starts. Even so, it’s really long *lol* and filled with loads of endless flailing, but that was exactly the way I was during the concert haha~ yoroshiku ne! XD

Continuation from Part 1 ▷

Baddies VTR

A fly-like (LOL) black creature with a high pitched voice, the leader of the baddies, appeared on the screen, laughing~ moving his arms and asking questions like “What is this Takisama Concert?” etc… Then Takki’s voice came on, “Wait a minute!…”. And then, the cutest VTR in the world started showing on the screens :D


The title of the video is 愛の戦士/TAKIレンジャー and what I’ll be describing in the next few paragraphs was shown in FASTFORWARD motion, with the TAKIRANGER themesong playing in the background, plus some narration from Takki.


[Report] 滝様コンサート’09 – Part 1

Sorry, I had to split this report into parts, coz I’m really super long winded, and this was more like writing a butai report, rather than a con report lol…


Approx. 2hr 45mins

Our Seats

1st show – 6/27 18:00: Arena B6
2nd show – 6/28 13:00: Stands N8
3rd show – 6/28 17:00: Stands W5

Here’s a lousy map of the arena which I did lol.



[Report] 滝様コンサート’09 – Goods

It’s been a really hectic year of non-stop Takki single, butai, dvd, butai, single, and now… concert. No complaints at all though, since I’m enjoying everything apart from the lack of $$!! Sorry, I haven’t had the time to post up my Enbujo’09 show reports. Of course, I haven’t posted any Takizawa Kakumei’09 reports either and most probably won’t lol~ In any case, let’s start with the goods for Takisama Con’09, and pray that I’ll have time to post a report of the show before the drama starts on the 24th… which gives me 3 weeks!! Once the drama airs, I’ll have loads of work to do heh…

Goods Booth

The goods went on sale really early this time, as there was no afternoon show. Sales started at 1pm. We met Leli at her room and proceeded to buy goods. I think it was around 2pm. When we first saw the goods, Kat couldn’t stop kyaaaing lol… Everyone was looking, coz there was no one in the queue. I tried to shush her up, but had great difficulty myself, coz with a poster like THAT, and an uchiwa like THAT, it’s hard NOT to kyaaa or laugh out!!! XD

takisamacon goods booth


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