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[8時だJ] 1998.07.15

8jidaJ #12 1998.07.15
During the J-1 Grandprix, after Yara did a series of backflips and looked faint, we can see Takki at the side looking worried and asking if Yara was ok. During Jr no Kimochi, Takki said he wanted to get married at the age of 24, and would like to live in an apartment (rather than a mansion), and work part-time in a ramen restaurant lol! There was comedy skit (Nino), and wakeboarding lesson/competition at the end of the episode!

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[8時だJ] 1998.07.01

8jidaJ #11 1998.07.01
– J-1 Grandprix (front flip over ◯ people)
– Jr no Kimochi: fear of height vs darkness, tanned vs fair skin girls
– Jr Comedian (Takki!)
– Jr Cup: Omelette cooking (Takki kamikami-ed during the intro haha~)

8jidaJ #11 1998.07.01

File size: 644.40MB (720×480)
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[8時だJ] 1998.06.24

One of my favourite episodes :)

8jidaJ #10 1998.06.24
– J-1 Grandprix (Nino’s haircut! Takki ♥ Toma, Kohara’s swan! ROFL)
– Jr no Kimochi: tv vs telephone, otoko vs onna
– Jr Comedian (Kohara)
– Special Project: Kansai Jrs bring Takki around Osaka!! (lol~ this is the clip where Takki said he has small chikkubis~ there’s also that “ikachin” building, making takoyakis, touching the billeken’s feet, eating the “shit sweet” etc~)

8jidaJ #10 1998.06.24

File size: 565.85MB (720×480)
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[8時だJ] 1998.06.17

8jidaJ #09 1998.06.17
– J-1 Grandprix: Handspring etc (lol at Kazama & Toma’s handsprings, Nino’s *cough*, and that whatever “arrangement” Takki came up with~)
– Jr Auditions (introduced a new Jr.)
– Jr no Kimochi: dogs vs cats as pets, which part of a girl makes them doki :)
– Wakeboarding: Part 2. Takki, Kohara, Osaka, Hamada, Nino had to choose one out of three new stunts to try.
– Jr Comedian (Yokoyama)
– Jr Theatre: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Takki!^^)

8jidaJ #09 1998.06.17

File size: 605.45MB (720×480)
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[8時だJ] 1998.06.03

8jidaJ #08 1998.06.03
Guest: Nagano (V6)
– J-1 Grandprix: Arabia (Nino! LOL~)
– Jr Auditions
– Jr no Kimochi: UFO, girls hair (Takki likes girls to bun up their hair!)
– Jr Comedian: MatsuJun
– Wakeboarding: 1st lesson – Takki (when he talked at the end, it seemed like a lot of water had went into his nose~) , Kohara, Osaka, Hamada, Nino

8jidaJ #07 1998.06.03

File size: 523.20MB (720×480)
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