[Akutou] Cut Salon Real

{ Scenes from the drama }

Shuichi’s family runs this salon (they also live in the house behind it). At the end of the drama, Shuichi decided to go home and visit his parents.

In the drama, the name of the salon was “Cut Salon Saeki” and it was made to look like it was somewhere in Wakoshi City. But it’s actual name is “Cut Salon Real” and it is located in Saitama. However, if you’re planning to go there, be prepared to do a good amount of walking because the closest train station is 1.6 kilometers from the salon!

{ Side note }

Takki also shot a VTR in front of the salon for FujiTV’s “Ikuta-kun, Hai!”

One more thing~ This blogger was lucky enough to be there when they shot the salon scene. Here’s her impression of Takki :

There was a car with closed curtains in the parking lot. Takki was apparently inside. We waited about 5 minutes to get a glance of him. He walked by right in front of us. He had chiseled features and was thin and pale. His side profile is beautiful. He’s the type who’s good looks are better appreciated when seen in 3D (live). He was a really good looking man.

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