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Sorry for not updating here for some time… *checks last post* oh, it’s only been 12 days lol… somehow it seemed like a long time. Last week, Bon-chan flew over to Singapore to attend my wedding banquet *bear hugs to Bon-chan*, and hmm… yeah, my wedding day…. It was perhaps the most tiring day of my life! But… It’s worth it coz now I feel “truly married” lol! And of course, my family gave me a really pleasant surprise that night with a video and performance~~ sometimes I feel my youngest bro is a bit like Tono lol…

Anyway, Bon-chan is now on vacation, and I’m also preparing for my mini-honeymoon trip while being down with cough (-_-), so we won’t have much updates coming in the next couple of weeks… but for now, here are a few Takizawa Kakumei tidbits I can find:

1) There are 15 Kakumei stage photos released on 7th Jan. Each is priced at 500yen, and as usual it should be the 5R sized ones (expensive ones, according to Hidejiji lol~). I’m not sure how many of these 15 are Tono’s. No sign of a photo album.

2) During some of the shows, Hidejiji hung the Hidezo keyholder on his walking stick! ^^

3) 13th January was Yuma-kun’s 18th birthday.

Last year when I was there, they played the birthday song when Yuma opened the treasure box. This year, it was during the Jiji (three old men) segment:

After the Jiji dance, the lights were dimmed, and the 3 old men laid on the ground sleeping. Usually, one by one they will get up slowly. But this day, Takki and Nikki remained sleeping. Yuma-kun alone got up and was like EH?, looking around restlessly. At that time, the Happy Birthday song played, and a big and longish cake appeared. The background screen and the water curtains were showing the words “Happy Birthday to YUMA”.

After the celebrations, with a “chaan” sound, the lights went out and the cake was removed really quickly! Takki & Nikki quickly moved back to their sleeping positions, and Yuma-kun was left standing alone! He went EH? again~ then hurriedly followed and laid down as well.

4) In a hand shaking event (for Yuma/NYC’s single) later, Yuma-kun told fans that the moment it was his birthday, Takki sent him a mail! Takki also brought him out to eat. He had an extra large size Kaisen-don containing loads of fish. And as Yuma loves fish and was turning 18, it seemed like the fish were used to form the number “18”.


In short, this trip was really girigiri~ but it was worth it in the end. I’m glad I made it there.




I was expecting the results only in March, so it was a bit of a shock when my dad passed me the JCS envelope just now. And I had to open slowly bit by bit… maa, it felt like when I was looking at Takki’s single sales at the Oricon site… putting one hand to cover the rest of the page, and slowly showing the numbers bit by bit LOL.

Vocab/Grammar: 46/60, Reading: 60/60, Listening: 49/60 (Total: 155/180)
I PASSED!!! Yatta~ \ ( ^ ^ ) / Couldn’t really believe my eyes~

Thank you, minasan, for encouraging me to just go and try anyway. I’m glad I did :)

ただいま! ^^

Touched down at about 1am this morning, and now I’m in office, trying to hang on until 5pm.

Another hour or so and I’ll be back home. Need to unpack the goods and make many posts ne, but also got loads of work to clear…

Sooooooo many things to do!!!! And I’m so tired~ Lol~

It was a short trip but very fulfilling. Although there was no internet connection for 4 days, being able to see Takki alone more than made up for it. I’ll write more soon. This morning, there were 160+ unread office emails & 540+ unread gmails~ many are facebook notifications though lol~

Happy New Year!!


It’s already 2011 ne, and I would like to wish all Takki fans a very happy new year!

1st January also means opening day for Takizawa Kakumei! Although Tono would not like to hear this, I wanna say to him “ganbare!!”. I hope that the butai will be a success, that every show will proceed smoothly, and that Takki will be safe and healthy throughout the run. I can’t wait to see how the Kakumei goods look like later today!


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