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[LQ] Pu-Sma 2011.08.30

Kyaaa~~ Tono looked absolutely kakkoii~~ with that light-colored hair and toned body!! ^.^ This show is really interesting ne. We got to see many sides of Takki, one side I’ve never seen before — catching bugs with his bare hands!! I was freaking out coz I really HATE bugs!! And Tono was so kakkoii when he did the sumo fight! Biceps!!! Hehe~ if only he took off his shirt too…

takizawa hideaki pu-sma

Download LQ from MF / MU (188.91mb, divx)

My connection got cut off at one part, right after Takki did the monomane towards the end of the show… but I don’t think much was missed. Hopefully someone will share the HQ/HD soon… for now, oyasuminasai~

「ぷっ」すま 2010.11.23

I wanna whack that guy who hit Tono so hard, and made him go down on his knees!! But at least we got to see Takki eat! Kawaii ne, that last screenie below haha~ Also, Tono was the one who had to remove the boxes from all kinds of funny places lol!! You could tell he was trying his best not to have physical contact, especially with the guy! lol~ ah, the bathtub scene was fun too :)

Download LQ from MF (189.37mb, divx)

There was an error somewhere towards the end of the clip so I’ve removed it, but don’t worry, Takki isn’t affected :) Ma ne, I’m so glad he didn’t have to deal with that crazy woman. But still, nothing beats the previous (and first) time Takki went on the show! Haha~ that ear-cleaning scene remains a classic! XD

Takki @ Pu-suma 2008.11.11

Yay~ a clear quality version to keep!! Thanks to the person who recorded and shared it! :)

Takki and Tacchi on Pussuma for Kokuchisezu

File size: 378.26MB, 640×360

Download (MU): 001 | 002 | 003 | 004
Mirror links on MF: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004

“Tetsuko no Heya” is less than 2 hrs away. And there’s also “Nani Kore” tonight!
For the rest of this Takki Marathon~~ Ganbarimasu!!!!

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