Taiyou wa Shizumanai


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Drama Info:

  • Title: 太陽は沈まない
  • Title in Romaji: Taiyou wa Shizumanai
  • Translated titles in English: The sun never sets
  • Translated titles in Chinese: 太陽不西沈
  • TV Station: Fuji TV
  • Air Date: 13th April to 22nd June, 2000 @10pm
  • No. of Episodes: 11
  • Theme Song: “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John
  • Sub-theme Song: “Journey” by Takizawa Hideaki
  • Official website: http://www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/taiyo/index.html


  • Takizawa Hideaki as Masaki Nao
  • Matsuyuki Yasuko as Kirino Setsu
  • Yuka as Isetani Ami
  • Bitoh Isao as Masaki Shiro
  • Satou Hitomi as Masaki Yuko
  • Inoue Yuina as Masaki Runa
  • Takeshita Keiko as Masaki Teruko
  • Osugi Ren as Isetani Keizou
  • Itou Ran as Isetani Akiko
  • Kyoumoto Masaki as Minami Etsushi
  • Takahashi Hitomi as Kitayama Shizuko
  • Komine Rena as Yoshida Mari
  • Makino Kouji as Kashiwano Kota
  • Sugawara Toshimi as Kikui Mayu
  • Moro Morooka as Nonaka Kouhei
  • Tsurumi Shingo as Lawyer Ikezawa
  • Ogi Shigemitsu as Professor Sasaki
  • Akanishi Jin as youth (Episode 6)


  • 第01話 「母はなぜ死んだか」 Why did Mom die? (20.9%)
  • 第02話 「僕は病院と戦う!」 I will take on the hospital (17.5%)
  • 第03話 「ずぶ濡れで抱きしめた人」
    The person I hugged while drenched to the skin (17.7%)
  • 第04話 「別れの涙とキス」 Farewell tears and kiss (14.9%)
  • 第05話 「母の命の値段?」 Price of Mom’s life? (15.3%)
  • 第06話 「裏切りと別れ」 Betrayal and farewell (17.0%)
  • 第07話 「本当に好きな人は」 The person I really like (15.7%)
  • 第08話 「母さん、裁判が始まる!」 Mom, the trial begins! (13.7%)
  • 第09話 「母を殺したもう1人の男」 The one other guy who killed Mom (15.1%)
  • 第10話 「衝撃の真実!太陽は沈む」 The shocking truth! The sun sets (15.8%)
  • 第11話 「太陽とは?運命の対決」 What’s the Sun? Destined showdown (20.8%)

Average Rating: 16.9%

25th Television Drama Academy Awards 2000.06.21:

  • Best Lead Actor: Takizawa Hideaki
  • Best Newcomer: Yuka


Masaki Teruko took their dog out for a walk that day and never came back. She died in the hospital, death from overwork, according to the doctors at Shoei Sogo Hospital. Then, her family found a scalpel among her ashes. Her son, Nao, suspects there is some malpractice involved. With the help of a lawyer Kirino Setsu, he searches for the truth behind his mother’s death. To complicate things a bit further, he found out that the head surgeon of the hospital is the father of the girl he loves.

My thoughts:

*Warning: Contain Spoilers*

This is one of the first few Takki dramas I watched, back in 2000. It was a collaboration between Fuji TV and TCS back then I think, so it was shown on local television at around the same time as it was aired in Japan. The plot is really interesting, Okonomiyaki boy + Lawyer vs Shoei Sogo Hospital. It’s mainly on law and a bit of medical stuff, and a bit of romance in it as well. I love how they slowly worked their way towards the truth, unfolding layers of evidences bit by bit.

Takki looks gorgeous in this drama! It has been said that when a woman is 18, she looks her best. I think it might apply to guys as well lol~ But in episode one already, you see him sobbing. Poor thing… But he had such a pretty face when it’s streaked with tears kekekeke~~ *S*. I like how he was rebellious at the start, as with most teenagers of that age, then gradually changed throughout the drama.

I didn’t know that this was Yuka’s first drama. She’s quite pretty and matches him quite well, although she’s actually older than him. But the interaction is more between Takki and Matsuyuki Yasuko. They have good chemistry and I really her character in the show. At one point of time in the drama, I was wondering if Nao actually took a liking for her. Did he? Oh, and I didn’t even know that Akanishi Jin (Kattun) was that youth in Episode 6 until I saw it at some website heh…


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This is one of the best drama soundtracks ever! My favourite is “Nao”. I even bought the piano scores for it lol~ Music is by Ryo Yoshimata and even up to today, some of the tracks are still used in commercials here. You might just recognize some of these tracks. (** My favourite tracks)

  1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Instrumental)
  2. 直 (Nao) **
  3. Lonesome **
  4. Revenge Tragedy
  5. Tears **
  6. Morning Glow
  7. Friends **
  8. 和助
  9. Mother **
  10. 木漏れ日 **
  11. 二人
  12. Memorabilia
  13. Prime Days
  14. Short Sword
  15. Conclusive
  16. Cliff **
  17. Pitch-dark
  18. Eternity **
  19. End Title **

The theme song, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” can be found in Elton John’s album, and the sub-theme song “Journey” (re-recorded in 2007) can be found in T&T’s Best Album – Green version (Jacket B).




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  1. OOOOHHHHHH, omoshiroi!

    I have liked the synopsis. Thanks to subtitle it.
    He is always pleasing to see doramas of Takki, although it is in English and it costs to understand it to me, although it costs to me more in Japanese. Whichever capitulos are?
    By the way, Michelle, you have thought to subtitle the one of Yumi-sama? You like much, and to my also, so she would enchant to be able to see to me understanding it something.
    you would sumimasen, by the request.

  2. Thanks for subbing this drama
    actually i’ve ever seen this drama in my Local TV (dubbed version) a long time ago T_T
    and yes! this OST very good
    but i have a few track of this album
    anyway thanks again for English subbed project

    ps. sorry for my poor english >_

  3. Every time when am about to watch things.. good things happen to me…
    at the same time i had to stop it..

    i really liked what I’ve watched so far..

    and English subbed team .. Thank you for your hard work…

    i hope to get the chance to complete this…. Thanks again subbing team…

  4. hi can you sub the rest of this drama? i like this drama a lot so far! thanks for the subs =]

  5. i love this drama,,and thanks for the sub.. i hope you can continue to subbing this drama.. keep your amazing work! ^^,

  6. thanks for the comments. and i’m really sorry for the delay.
    i’m working on the next episode now, and will try to finish it asap~

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